09/10/21 | Hannah

Lasted less than a week

This collar quickly frayed to the point where it had lots of small loose oops of fabric, which my cat got caught on her teeth while grooming, uncomfortably trapping her tongue. Would not recommend. It is also very stretchy.

05/29/21 | Stephanie

Safety concern

This collar should come with a warning ‘not for outdoor cats’! No quick release, very dangerous if cat gets trapped or caught!


NOT quick release

Warning to any outdoor cat owner: This is not a quick release collar. If your cat gets stuck with something beneath their collar, for example if falling out of a tree, they will get stuck as this collar will not release automatically. Big safety concern here!

06/15/20 | Christine Broadbent


These collars look great but come loose very easily.We have had them a short time and are having to tighten then frequently. They have frayed badly and unfortunately have been no deterrent to our rather busy hunting cats.

02/25/20 | Alan

Not good

Having a black cat it is the perfect colour, a bell is mandatory as she is not a cat, she is a Ninja 🐱‍👤 She has stealth capabilities, getting our other cats food, even when I enclosed my feet around the bowl at the foot of my chair to stop her, she still found a way in, and was chomping what she could when she realised I knew she was there before bolting with her cheeks full. But the elastic is no good, it's like old elastic that you feel tear as you stretch it, and it's only a week or so 👎

07/18/16 | eugenium

beware not quick release

Based on other reviews, I got those collars for our two cats as one of them has lost more collars than I can count. After 2 weeks of wearing it, the collar was heavily damaged. I suspect even if elasticated it is not a sufficient quick release if your cat gets caught without damage to the collar or even the cat.