09/25/21 | Fiona

Budget collar

The bells aren't loud enough, just a dull rattle. The clips were reasonable except for the last one that wouldn't clip shut properly. Very loose.

04/30/21 | Fiona

What bell?

Product is fine but the bell makes so little noise it's next to useless.........having to purchase additional bells given the time of year. If purchasing as a bird warning aid, don't, get something else. Wld be a great product otherwise.

10/22/20 | Sally Davies

nice looking but doesnt stay on

I've bought two of these. The big plus is the tag for writing your details on which is why I bought it a second time after failure of the first.. However both times my cat wore his for one day and came home without it. I guess the closure is just not secure enough.

02/19/19 | Rachel

Hit and miss

Bought a black as the red was out of stock. Good collar, handy space to write address details. Bought a red when back in stock, and the clasp was very poor , would fall off at the slightest touch.

10/18/16 | Ness Parr

No problems

They are slightly on the larger side, but I like the flap for the name and address. The bells for wildlife's sake could be a bit louder, after all they are there to make hunting more difficult and not for decoration. Our polydactyl cat seems to have kept it on a good while and he goes through loads of collars due to his climbing antics and, of course, the thumbs.

01/12/16 | Beverley Hooper

Unable to open the buckle

Smart looking collar but I'm unable to snap it open I have arthritis in my fingers and bought this hoping I could easily open it but to no avail I have spent hours trying to open the stiff buckle ....wasted my money

11/13/15 | Sara

didn't last long

It was a very loose fit on a 16 months old maine coon. More importantly, it fell apart after about 2 weeks.

02/22/13 | Emily

Great collar with one minor niggle

Easy to put on (no buckle - just snap-on). Attractive, brightly coloured, made out of a nice material. Bell is not too loud or annoying. The flap which you can use to write your details is extremely handy, and saves me having to buy separate identity tags which can also get caught on things. The price is very good considering my cats lose their collars quite frequently and I don't like having to fork out close to £4 every time they need new collars (which is what you pay for most major brands). However, these collars could do with being slightly more adjustable - it fits my 5.2kg tomcat very well, but it is slightly too big for my 3.5kg girl even on its tightest setting. Also, when I tested out the 'Snap and easy safety fastening', I found that it took a LOT of force to 'snap' it open. In fact, it took such a force that I am sure it would NOT snap open safely if they got it caught - they simply would not be able to tug hard enough. Fortunately I was able to adjust this by filing down the fastening slightly using a sanding block. Now it snaps open far more easily and my kitties will be safe if they get caught.

12/29/11 | Andrew Lower

Very good collar

What more could you want from a collar??! looks good, reasonable price- especially when your cats lose them every 2 minutes. Also there is no need to buy a separate tag as there is a flap to write your details under. Not an excuse for not micro - chipping your pet i have to add. quick release but not so quick that it comes off at the slightest touch. Would fit most adult cats.

12/16/09 | R Kelly

Ok, but not great...

This collar is enormous. It is adjustable, but even on the smallest setting is far too big for my 6 month old kitten. Also, the quick release catch is very stiff and I don't think it would open quickly in an emergency. Very good price, but it's probably worth splashing out a little more for a better collar.