07/22/19 | Andrew McKinnon-Paton

Power Harness - Fantastic Buy

Saw this item on Fake Britain which got bad reviews when purchased through some non official outlets. However, I was impressed by the test results showing an original being tested and the results were outstanding. I have a German Shepherd puppy (4 months) and am wheelchair bound so, I need something that is strong yet gentle when in use. Saw it being sold through Zooplus and bought one - size 1. Fitting - easy and he is now working with it and starts training soon which will be a great help.


Fantastic fit harness...

This is a great harness and does NOT move . I can only think reviewers who comment the harness comes off have bought too big a size. I also purchased the lead and I feel totally in control of my dog when walking a 2 mile route by busy roads. I have 100% confidence in the product.and would recommend to all dog owners.


Not escape proof

This is a good harness for dogs that pull but it's not escape proof when the dog backs up - my dog lifted front legs bobbed her head down and was out!

08/03/15 | Ruth Hardie

Greyhound size2

As a hillwalker who needs a harness to be worn all day, in all weathers by my greyhound, it is fantastic. I add seatbelt protectors to the breast and chest belts for all day walks to prevent rubbing as he has very thin skin. It doesn't slip, fits him comfortably and is very sturdy. I have tried many different harnesses for him and none have come close to being as good as the K9. I am getting another one for my very deep chested and narrow lurcher next, because I know I will finally get a harness that fits him too.

05/03/15 | Mike_R

Julius K9 Harness

This is our second harness for our Staffie Rudi. Size 0 is the second one. Should be his last one as I think he's done most of his growing. Both harness's are top quality. Well made and sturdy. Love the grip on top for holding. Fit the harness correctly and there's no way he's slipping out of it. The reflective strip across the front and the removable ones at the sides are really good at winter time in the dark. By the way you can get different strips for the side if you look around. Suprised they don't sell them here. Anway I would recommend this harness to anyone looking for one they won't be disappointed.

12/22/14 | Kyle

Best i've found

Bought the Julius k9 power harness for my big lab/retriever before,and back to buy another.(I covered the previous one with cement whilst gardening, no problem with harness) the only problem I did have with it was slight rubbing under the leg (arm-pit) due to my dog being a heavy puller. Little bit of Vaseline now and again will sort it. If you get the correct size, your dog will not escape from it. Its solid and apart from the armpit issue, it seems comfortable. It also looks a lot better than the pics on the site make it look. Best harness I've ever found, if it wasn't, I wouldn't buy a second one. I highly recommend if you have a big dog that likes to pull.

10/01/14 | scott orourke

julius k9 dog harness

i recently bought this harness for my staffie and its the best harness ive had for her and ive had a few different types, excellent fit and very sturdy gives me so much more control over her when out walking,also helps with the pulling etc,plus the reflective strips are great for seeing her at night and for the traffic seeing her too,i highly recommend this to all dog owners who are planning on buying a harness for their dog,plus zooplus prices are great for such a top quality item 5 stars all round from me and my dog ruby

09/24/14 | karen

Fantastic Harness

Excellent harness...Love the handle..Excellent Quality & very robust. ...10/10... My only dilemma is which colour Im going to buy next ☺

06/18/14 | Mazz

Excellent Harnesses

I have a Husky, a Border Collie and a small Jack Russell/Dachshund and all 3 of them have these harnesses, obviously in different sizes, they are the best we have ever used and we have had dogs all our life. Friends have bought these harnesses after seeing ours.

06/17/14 | Kiki


i have a 8 month old staffy x pup, i have tried all manner of harness' with her but still she pulled, i decided to give this harness a go expecting it to be another waste of money.... how wrong was i!!!! i popped the harness on her and we went for a walk, no pulling!!!!!! we went to training class and i checked if i could use it and they agreed and she didn't pull me about at all, i am disabled and rely on crutches to get around so can't be getting pulled here there and everywhere, this harness solves my problem, so much so that the first day of trying it out we even went for an extra walk. this harness is awesome, i have just ordered the next size down as the size 0 is just a bit too big for her but i am sure she wil grow into it

06/09/14 | Matthew Large

Excellent Harness

I bought a Julius K9 Power Harness for my 5 year old beagle who we recently homed from Dogs Trust. He is a strong chap and pulls like a train so I was looking for a sturdy harness that would also be comfortable for him. The Julius K9 ticks all the boxes. The quality is excellent and it fits securely. It is easy to put on and take off with just one fastening point. I would recommend using a tape measure to check the girth size of your dog before purchase to ensure the correct size harness is obtained. I anticipate my beagle would require a size 0 but when I measured him he was at top end of 0 and in the size 1 bracket so I went for a size 1. I would recommend this harness to any owner with a strong dog.


Worth its weight in gold

I have had this harness for over a year now, and despite being worn three times every day - often in the sea -it is still looking good. I had previously bought three harnesses for my lively , but nervous, border collie, and I wasn't really happy with the fit or the effect of any of them, so, despite the rave reviews, I was wary of spending so much money on another harness. I now have to say, however, that this harness has worked wonders and that I now have a spare, just in case anything happens to the first one. It fits perfectly, is easy to adjust and is really easy to put on and take off, and my dog just comes to me now, to have it put on, as soon as I pick it up - vastly different to the other harnesses! It is also very sturdy and well made and, seems to have the effect of making my dog feel more secure, as she started walking much more calmly on the lead when she started wearing the harness. It has taken a while, but she has just about stopped pulling on the lead now, my feeling is that she has learned that I now have control of her, and I am not worried about hurting her if I tug on the lead. The handle on the back is also invaluable to me, as I can grab her if it looks likely that she might bolt -on or off the lead. All in all, for me it has been a miracle product, and I often get asked where I bought it.


Absolutely superb!!

Never seen or heard of them before, but seeing a stocky Staffordshire bull terrier sporting one whilst on holiday thought it could solve our problems = two criminally insane English setters, and boy did it do the job. They hated with passion their halti collars, as they were for ever trying to 'rub' them off. The Julius however, is the most robust harness I have ever seen, is easy to fit in seconds, they travel in them, are comfortable, they pull less and run around the fields with gay abandon, and are easier to catch when the hearing conveniently defies them. The best money we have ever spent. The dogs are happy and so are we.

05/06/13 | Holly

Perfect for doggy sports

I bought this for my young, energetic Springer Spaniel Cross. I do CaniX with him (running) and combined with a jogging belt attached to this harness he pulls in it great. I also put it on him when on country walks where he is constantly in water, up and down cliffs and rocks and it has been brilliant when I've had to pull him out of a sticky situation more than once! Now he's nearly fully grown, I'll be doing agility and flyball with him and this harness will be used constantly. Great quality and made to last.

04/26/13 | Sue Butler

Excellent purchase

Absolutely delighted with harnesses(2) best quality I have found and the dogs liked them too. They look so comfortable and smart & loved the idea of the stickers to attach.Excellent service and cost of items more than competitive.


great harness

I bought this for my Staffie(Levi) and I have just had one of the best walks with him, a lot less pulling and so easy to fit, you cant go wrong with one of these, after all the police use them on their dogs so if its good for them its great for us,price is good too,well done and thankyou

04/07/13 | Rick

Fantastic harness

I bought two Julius K-9 harnesses - one for my Doberman / Lab cross and one for my Border Collie. They have been brilliant. We love to go hiking on the fells and walking in the woods and these harnesses have stood up to the test really well. They haven't shown any signs of wear after six months of hard use. They have been invaluable in helping the dogs over walls or scramble up steep fells. The dogs never bother with them, so I assume that means they find them comfortable. After many long walks I have never seen any sign of chafing on the dogs. The sizing was spot on and the harness is very adjustable. They also clean up really well with just soap and water, looking new again after a quick scrub.

04/06/13 | Darryl


I have a two year old staff X, who loves to pull! After reading reviews on the K9, I decided to try it. From the moment I put the harness on he stopped pulling!He walked brilliantly! Didn't pull once. The design of the harness allows him to run with any hassle too! My only regret is that i haven't brought one before, but will purchasing one for our other dog. Owner and dog very happy

03/31/13 | Beryl

First harness my Elkhound has liked!

My 6 month old Norwegian Elkhound pulls a lot when he sees other dogs or children (because he wants to play with them) and he's very strong. I've been using a half check collar on him but it makes him wheeze and I worry about damaging his throat, plus the noise he makes alarms some people and they think he's going to attack them (although he's never harmed anyone and is really after their chips). I've tried all sorts of harnesses designed for husky types, including having one made to measure, and he hated all of them and refused to walk in them. Today we went out in his Julius harness and he was ecstatic, striding out like a proper Elkhound and not pulling once. I thought it would be more difficult to control him with a harness but in fact it's easier and he made no attempt to back out or escape from the harness. It seems very comfortable for him and easy to adjust to size. The reaction of other people is great, too, as they assume he's a working dog and don't flap around telling me they don't like dogs. I'm highly delighted with the harness and am going to buy some accessories for it.

03/26/13 | R Stone


Received our harness today & after only 1 outing our 3 year old chocolate labrador who has pulled like a steam train constantly on walks - walks so much better. Still pulls a bit but the harness has improved things by around 90% I would recommend this product to anyone with a dog who pulls. Brilliant!