09/10/20 | Carole Obray

Mixed feelings

My experience this harness is mixed. I purchased two when I got my puppy a shipoo and gave one to my son for his Parsons terrier puppy and we were both very happy I then purchased a new one for my son when his dog grew out of the first he still has it and has had no problems with it. I was not so lucky with Belle and after a couple of months she discovered that if she turned quickly whilst pulling on the lead she could escape so unfortunately I had to discard it and put a collar on her.

07/08/14 | sue bell

poor harness

I find as an anti pulling harnesses it just makes my dalmatian worse but the handle on top is great to control him with

11/24/12 | Welshie

Good Harness

We bought this harness as our dog was constantly pulling on his collar and walks were becoming a problem. He only took a few minutes to get used to the harness and at first did not pull, he does still pull but this is not as bad as the collar and we find it is easier to control him. The harness fitted well, easy to adjust and looked comfortable, it does not impede his running or jumping. My only concern is our dog can reach the front strap when sat and he bites this. After 10 minutes in the car he had almost chewed through the front in a few palces! I know it's not bombproof and it if was beyond repair I would have purcahsed another. The harness was able to be repaired and I would use the collar if in the car. Very good harness.