07/31/20 | Zuzanna

Not safe

This harness is meant for dogs that don't pull and to be used only for a short period of time. Dogs has no bones where the front part is. They use their muscles to pull in it which might cause serious health problems in the future.

05/27/18 | John

Unsafe even for small dogs

I bought this for my miniature labradoodle because of the reviews and think I must be missing something. The restraining strap around my dog’s chest is held in place by Velcro!!! After daily use for a few months, the Velcro now just separates every time my dog pulls and the harness is effectively useless. Surely Velcro was never designed to restrain dogs that pull? This harness is just unsafe even for my small dog. Why would anybody use it for larger and stronger breeds?

05/20/18 | Ray


Initially i thought was very good ( esp as it seems to be the go to product for huskies) however after a year of use today was the second time the buckle came undone on one of my dogs I am now looking for alternative for both my huskies :0(