08/06/21 | Carole Hill

Not escape proof and buckle won’t open

Bought 2 for our Min Pins. It took our escape artist about 2 weeks to figure out is she stood up on her back legs and twirled she was off and running in no time. On the older guy, the buckle has been inoperable 3 times. It’s incredibly frustrating to know immediately when you don’t hear the click when you put the harness on, that you’ll be fighting to get it off. Very disappointing on both counts due to price and high recommendation!

11/10/19 | Diane Griffith


After 2 months now the buckle won’t open and currently trying to remove from puppy Rubbish



I bought this harness for my border terrier less than 3 months ago, it has worked perfectly and I was pleased with it. Yesterday the click catch would not release at all. I had to unvelcro all the straps so I could drag the harness off him. I have tried since to release it but it just won't budge. In less than 3 months this product is unusable. What a rip off!

11/03/18 | Christine jones


It’s awful my dog German shepherd of 5 months managed to slip out of her harness even though it was fairly tight xx

12/18/14 | Dorina

No good at all

at first place i was really happy with the harnes, but i use it now for 3 months and every time i walk my dog i am worried if the harness will stay on or my dog will slip off again. Looking for new harness that will stay on