04/27/21 | Patricia B

Had it for 5 months now

Excellent quality, still like new after 5 months . Used daily . I can thoroughly recommend it. Perfect for our Alsatian cross.

05/20/20 | Graham Cook

Well pleased

Well pleased with this X/L lead. Strong enough to control my German Shepherd and she’s loving the extra freedom.

08/20/19 | Elisha

The best of

Tried many retractables over the years. This is the only one I'm repurchasing. Although the colour (neon cable) has changed since the last one i bought is about 8 years old now. Ive changed many collars and short leads over the years. This has lasted and performed the ultimate of tests. I have a strong Belgian shepherd and cannot tell you the peace of mind the quality of this lead gives me. Enjoy

11/29/18 | Dee Lyons

Good, strong extending lead.

Heavier than the 5mtr leads (I have 2 of those), but it is very strong and stood up to being dragged along by my 30kg+ lurcher when I dropped it and he took off at speed. The outer casing did scratch but it was being dragged across a farmers recently ploughed field full of huge lumps of flint & it still works perfectly. It retracts well, and is very visible and allows the dog plenty of freedom, unlike the 5mtr - my lurcher used to get frustrated on that as he couldn't keep up with the others.

12/24/17 | Peter


This is the second one of these leads we have had - and very good they are. The lead has been subject to sand, sea, mud and wet and has given excellent service considering that it was attached to a very energetic and strong dog.Only needed to replace it because after many years of heavy use the tape eventually started to wear through from being twisted at the attachment to the reel.

11/16/13 | MJ

Great for big German Shepard

6 months and still going - strong enough for the German Shepard around 42kg in weight. Highly recommended if most of time you can't yours dog off the lead.

09/06/12 | karen


Bought this for my Weimeraner who suddenly started to ignore my recall and ran out of field across road. This arrived and intitally my dog was wary (he didn't like the noise it made when winding in, but now he is bounding about the field quite happily, infact I feel he is now walking much better and with less pull (he is very strong) than he does on normal lead. The tape cord is very strong and durable. A safer option to walk my dog, very happy.

02/08/11 | karen carroll

Great Dane and my new flexi giant

I have just purchased my giant flexi lead, it gives my dog the freedom to walk ahead of me,he does not pull me any more, when i am going to shorten the lead it clicks and makes him turn his head and stop.I would strongly reccomend this product to any body who does not have the confidence to let there dog off the lead.