These did absolutely nothing for our elderly dog who has dementia, or our younger rescue dog. (Elderly dog has been helped greatly by Adaptil collars and 1:1 time in a fixed routine every day).

10/11/21 | Lisa Hird

Arrived today so not tried them but - all in German!

Not impressed by the delivery - it would help if sending to English customers if the product was in English

05/03/21 | MrsS

Does nothing at all!

Purchased 2 of these for my little dogs which, after over a month have made no difference at all!

09/06/17 | originally published in zooplus.be


My dog developed separation anxiety this June. We first tried Bach Flower remedies - without any joy - but when we started using Zylkene, after 15 days there was such a clear improvement. She is much more calm when she is alone and doesn't get destructive. We are delighted and she is much happier - plus this price is the best to be found on the internet!

08/07/17 | originally published in zooplus.be


Following the arrival of a new kitten, my dog was in a constant state of panic and anxiety... even trying to follow me into the bathroom! I tried all the possible homeopathic treatments, none were effective, or did not last very long. Now she takes Zylkene and she is back to normal - happy, playful and sleeping deeply, which had not happened for months!