08/12/21 | Amy


My 3 Dalmatians love this wet food, they get it along with their dry diet a couple times a week as a treat on a licki mat to keep them hydrated. The ingredients are perfect & great for them as they have allergies, just wish the salmon didn’t have a picture of a Dalmatian as salmon isn’t suitable for them

01/18/18 | Enid Mattison

My dog loves this

My Bernese has been eating this meat for more than 3 years. As a puppy he suffered from diarrhoea and it took me a long time to discover that he was intolerant to poultry based food. This meat has been perfect for him.


dogs lap it up

I bought a stock of these to use for a change with my dogs favourite - Rocco classic - they have it with mixer and a drop of hot water to make a gravy. Easy to use, comes in a meatloaf block which is easy to divide up into portions, meaty with carrots and a little rice, mine pick carrots out when I add them to feeds but they eat the ones in this food. Highly recommended


Good topper

i wouldn't use it one it's own as it's not really balanced food but we use a small amount with a higher protein food - Orijen or Acana - as the dogs enjoy it more than dry food alone. If they have a stomach upset we use the chicken & rice as it's nice & mild & cheaper than the stuff the vet gives us! Beware the fish & rice as it is really smelly - stinks the house out!

02/09/13 | Sue

Fussy eater

My 2 Shih-tzu's are very different ,1 eats anything ,the other has to be hand fed and is extremely fussy .They will eat all the flavours ,except neither will eat the fish one .The are much healthier & happier on this than any other food we have tried.

01/20/13 | Sandra Byrne

Not a favourite

I have been feeding my Jack Russell this food as a puppy and now as an adult, because I like the ethos of the company and the quality of the food. However, he does NOT like it and only eats it under sufferance. This is the lamb flavour. I have just ordered the mixed trial pack and will see if the other flavours are more enjoyed by him. If so, I will update this review. Otherwise, it is off to try yet another brand!

04/06/09 | Sweelan

...dog likes it apart for fish flavoured one

First time buyer of this dog food. I am trying different kinds to see which ones my dog prefer. My dog's a fussy eater, used to only fresh meat mixed with dry food which is not practical when on holidays. After a lot of sniffing & ignoring the food, she finally lapped it up! The only flavour that she didn't like & wouldn't touch was the fish flavour. I didn't like the odour of the fish flavoured one either. It was very strong & made the kitchen smell.

08/27/08 | Liz

Very Meaty!

This food is very pure, is exactly what it says on the tin: meat, rice and veg. On opening, the high meat content is obvious by smell and texture and you can see bits of carrot and grains of rice. My dog has an extrememly sensitive digestive system. Not only does she tolerate this food well but she LOVES it too. Hurrah! Highly recommended food.

02/06/08 | Lan

My dog love this food.

I brought this when it was on offer 6 for the price of 5 and ordered 18 packs. I mixed this with arden grange lamb and he loves it. He licks his bowl clean and want seconds.