05/01/22 | KHB

Excellent Product - My fussy 13 year old dog loves it

We have really struggled to get our 13 year old Collie x Lurcher to eat any food recently (without either blocking her up or making her have the runs) This food does not only get devoured by my dog, she has normal poop again. The consistency is a bit odd (between a pate and a paste) but she loves it. We would totally recommend this food

03/03/22 | Jack

Good food

Easy to open and folds down so do take alot of room in the bin. My dog loves this brand of food

08/07/21 | Stephanie Moore

Not a consistent food, but my dog likes the salmon

My Greek little rescue, really likes this, the salmon is her fav, although I find it differs quite a lot smell wise, sometimes it smells strongly of salmon and smells like ours, another time not much of salmon at all and once it smelt awful, got refund but they sent it to be tested and said there's was nothing wrong with it, but she wouldn't touch it! Which is why it only got 3 stars

07/02/21 | Nicola

None of the dogs like it

I had high hopes when I seen this. None of the dogs like it. Dishes are just left. Even my Turkish rescue who would eat everything won’t touch any of these. Tried alternative days still won’t touch