change of ingredients makes cat sick

MY cat has had the pouches from this brand all her life. Now they have changed the formula/texture it makes her vomit and she wont eat it. The company said they haven't changed it but you can tell by texture and smell its different. Also much smaller portions at 85g than 100g pouches. Disappointing.

03/22/22 | nta16

Nice soft pate style with jelly, a good meal.

Soft pate style with jelly in a slightly bigger portion. Easy to break up with fork. Our car leaves the bowl empty.


Cat won’t eat it

Queenie has been eating Natures Menu in sachets since kittenhood ended. Every day. Loves it. So I ordered 72 small cans expecting them to be the same. Unfortunately she won’t touch it, so I am now stuck with the remaining 62 cans. Any suggestions as to what to do? Try telling Queenie it’s the same ingredients.

02/08/22 | Mariam

Huge hit with my cat

My cat absolutely loves it. He always clear his bowl which he never did with other brands. And it's also healthy as its sugar free and grain free, only raw ingredients used which I really love.


contains carrageenan

My cat previously liked the country hunter and natures menu pouches but the new range of natures menu contains carrageenan. and has much less taurine added My cat ate some and was sick shortly afterwards.


Not popular

My cats loved the Country Hunter sachets, but will not eat this at all. Now I am sitting with 2 packs which they will not eat. I wish these companies would stop changing the ingredients' and packaging, or provide sample packs to try before purchasing full packs,

12/06/21 | Porsha

Big hit

My cat loves this one and the packet. Plate was liked clean


Loving this

Really pleased to see Nature Menu has tins with slightly less amount than the pouches. My very picky girl who rarely clears her plate loves it as does my other cat who will eat anything. Definitely a winner.