04/10/21 | JK

My 5 cats said no

Not one of my 5 cats will go in these beds. I gave one to a friend and her cat wouldn't go in it either. They are too wobbly and the sides squash down.

12/17/20 | K Stather

cant get them out

I dont see my cats anymore they are always asleep in this bed, best purchase this year

11/11/20 | Lisa

Not fit for purpose

Love the look of the bed and it is nice and plush but as soon as the cats put any weight at all on it the sides fall in so as then they can’t actually get in it. Waste of money

11/28/19 | Jane Sheldrick

Snuggle Bed

received the bed today not what i expected, the bed does not stand up as it appears in the picture. There is no way my cats will get in the bed as it collapses and falls over. The sides are not as firm as implied in the picture.

09/01/19 | Carole Wood

Wonderful !

As soon as I unpacked this and put it on the floor Amber took it over and has hardly been out of it since. She spends hours in it and it is the best bed I have bought for her - ever. My two cats have a choice of sleeping places and I regularly pass on beds they have tired of, but this one is a definite keeper. Luckily my other cat has her own favourite place, or there would be fireworks.

07/20/19 | Mrs Goff

Love, Love, Love these!!

I have 4 miniature dachshunds and I have these beds all over my house. My boys love them. They wash up great too! Will be buying more!!

01/20/18 | Samantha

Amazing bed, both kittens love it!

Fabulous material and quality product. I have 4 cats so will be buying 3 more!

12/18/17 | Lesley Cook

My cats wont go in it

As soon as I put this bed on the floor one of my cats went straight over to it but because when he put his paw on it, it fell over on to its side he wont go hear it now. It looks lovely and comfy but because its it so soft and just collapses my cats are ignoring it. Maybe one day they will jump in as I know they would love it. Its a good size, so soft and comfy looking - but unfortuantely at the moment no good!!


Very soft and cozy!

It took a few months for our cats to try it out but one of them has been in the bed all day and she just looks so happy and content and comfortable as the bed is so soft and warm!


My cats new favourite place!

When I first unpacked this bed it was flat and floppy, didn't keep its shape well. However after turning the outer edges down it took hold and the bed is ideal. The fluffy interior is beautifully soft & padded. My two cats immediately ditched their old beds and I've not been able to get them out since! They love it and it's their new favourite sleeping spot. They both don't fit in one bed together. As one of them is a VERY BIG boy, so we need 2. Smaller cats and kittens may fit in together.


Acts like a duvet

My miniature dachshund loves to jump into her bed for the night - she snuggles up and totally disappears in this bed. She really loves it!

03/21/16 | Penny

Best Cat Bed EVER!

I have a Siamese who does not like the cold and this is the best bed ever. He has it on the side and can burrow right to the back if he's cold plus we have a microwaveable heat pad that we put underneath it at night so we know he's all cosy. Also it washes very well.

02/10/16 | Melody

bigger than expected!

Bought this for my elderly yorkie as she likes to borrow into blankets and make a nest, she loves this bed and went straight in, it's bigger than I thought and she has plenty of room. I think I will have to buy another as my shihtzu loves it too!

11/30/15 | Holly Nicholls

The perfect cat bed.

I bought this bed for my two sphynx kittens. They love it! They bury themselves in it together whenever I'm not home. Would definitely recommend.

03/10/15 | Kay

Supersoft and snuggly

Wasnt sure if this would be big enough for my two average size house cats but it has lots of room, super soft and very good quality, the high sides gives it a den like hideaway quality and affords them the opportunity to snuggle down undisturbed, really nice item and highly recommend


dog bed

Brought this bed for my chihuahua, and she loves it, good thickness and very soft, cant get her out of it. Going to buy another one for my other dog.