12/02/21 | Lois

So cosy

Depending on what your animal likes, you can reverse the bed to the black bit or the beige bit. Mine loves more of a soft blankety bit of the beige. He tried it out yesterday, immediately started to purr and drool a bit. Best buy I've made for him. As he is a big cat I bought the biggest size so he can stretch his whole body in it without weirdly slouching out of it. Perfect for big size cats or two (or three) small ones !

11/11/21 | Elizabeth Hough

Best product I've ever bought!

My previous cats have never taken to cat beds but I adopted 2 sisters two weeks ago and thought I would try again. Well, what a success, although I'd bought the medium one one cat decided to take up the whole bed! So I've invested in another and my other cat is snuggling down in it. What a success! They both look so comfortable and relaxes. The bed is well made and the neutral colours will suit any room . I can't reccommend this product highly enough!

08/05/21 | Lara

Comfortable and good looking

My 4 months old bengal kitten likes it, but I ordered the small size and she dose not really fit in it properly. I think I'll order the medium size.

05/23/21 | John (& Buster)

At last the cat likes something

Just adopted a 13-yr-old. Wanted to give him some comfy space as he naps a lot. About 10 minutes after delivery he was happy. He loves the box it came in so I put the bed back in the box. He was in the bed almost immediately. As long as I leave it in the box he's very happy. So buy the bed. But keep the box.

11/20/20 | Zsanett

My babies love it

I’m just about to order a biggest one :D My babies just love to sleep together so they need a bigger one :D Looks perfect, feel soft, easy to clean!! Just only needed 2 days and a wash before they started to sleep in there

04/28/19 | G C

Great quality - kittens love it!

I was really surprised with the quality of this product. It's far superior to any cat bed found in major pet shops, especially for the price. It's extra soft and snuggly and my kittens love getting cosy with each other in there. If you're unsure of which size to get, go bigger as it's designed to be small and snugg.

02/19/19 | Rachel

Great bed

Have a small for my cat and then bought a medium for my Dalmatian puppy which suited her comfortably up until about 14 weeks. Has stood up to puppy teeth well.

10/12/17 | Teresa

Cosy kingdom cat bed

Just received delivery from zoo plus of this cat bed. My cat Lucia loves the bed & has snuggled in already & looks very cosy indeed. Lucia is a large breed cat so from reading previous reviews I thought it'd be better to get the medium size bed and give her plenty of room as she does like to stretch out when sleeping. So it's the perfect size. Thanks again Zoo plus for excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

09/28/17 | Sharon Young

Cushioned & Cosy!

It's taken a few days for my boy to use his new bed but after a lot of coaxing he's loving it. I bought the small bed I feel it is slightly small for my cat being a Ragdoll & being slightly bigger than most domestic cats, he loves lying spread out so there's many a time he's fell out the bed (to my amusement) but he goes straight back in. The small bed is so cushioned I agree with many other reviews that it internal measurements are smaller than I expected. A fabulous buy at a fabulous price.

09/22/17 | dawid


really good quality and comfortable as cats fight for it may have to buy another one

04/27/17 | Paula

Good quality, great price

I ordered the large size as a liner for a plastic bed. It is much better quality than the price suggests and stands up well without the support of the plastic bed. It is a perfect size for my 25kg Labrador and she loves it.

03/13/17 | Sue B

Expensive looking bed

Bought two small ones for my two rescue cats (Sooty and Smudge) and they've hardly left them! The beds are well made, look expensive and are one of the best purchases I have made.


Happy cats.

I bought the large version as my 3 adult Burmese cats love to snuggle up together. Plenty of room, could easily accommodate another 2! They have loved this bed since the minute it arrived. Great price too.

06/02/16 | Ann Millard

A perfect cat bed

I am delighted with this bed and so is my cat! It is really well made and excellent value for money. I like the fact that the base can be removed to shake and wash. The only downside is that it is shedding bits of fluff but that may just be due to my cat's happy kneading. I wasn't sure which size to buy after reading previous comments but the smallest size has proved plenty big enough for my cat to snuggle into or stretch out. I can highly recommend.

12/26/15 | Robin

Superb bed for a cat

Over the years I've had many different beds for my cats, this is the first time I've seen a cat walk up, take a single sniff, clamber inside and settle down for a good snooze without a single qualm. From the moment she saw her bed Ruby has loved it, it's a good size, plenty of room to sleep curled up, stretch out, even leaning against the side. The construction is good, it's a nice looking bed, and seems to be very comfortable for the person who spends lots of her time curled up in it.


Great value for money!

I was really surprised to find what great quality this bed is. The material is thick and it looks well made. Within that day my cat was curled up in it, all snug and warm, so I guess that's all the approval I needed. The cushion is a bit flat but it doesn't seem to bother my cat plus the sides of the bed are quite high which she likes as she normally rests her head on them and doses off! Definitely would recommend.

09/29/15 | Georgina

Squishy and Soft

Perfect. Very squishy and soft. Wasn't in the house 5 minutes before my elderly cat settled in for a snooze. She seems impressed.

08/27/15 | Louise

Very cushy and plush for the price!

Well I am impressed. I ordered two of these beds for my 4 cats and while they were a little smaller than I had imagined they were plump, plushy and snuggly with good stitched edges and a very stable and plump shape. I am very happy with these beds!

08/11/15 | Abbie


This bed looks and feels like it cost three times what it actually did! (and probably would have in the pet shop). Very cushy and nice looking, well stitched. The cats love it, they spend ages kneading it before they curl up for a good sleep. The inner cushion can be removed too in case it needs washing. Brilliant product and very good value!!

07/28/15 | Zoe


I received this today and am MASSIVELY impressed!. It is full and squishy, well stitched and looks very comfy. No cats have used it yet, but they don't usually until night time. I'm sure they will love it though