06/27/21 | E Marciniw


Definitely cosy - a substantial & well-made bed for the price. But since buying 6+ weeks ago, neither of our 2 'gingers' interested in using it. The bigger lad did get in for a brief period once, early days - never again. The smaller just uses it for sucking off bits of the interior.. Fluff everywhere. It does have a strange 'rocker' bottom which makes it prone to tipping over - frequently find it that way. Sadly, another one for Cat Protection - once it's washed of course.

04/15/21 | Maria

Doesn't stay upright!

I loved the bed, very soft and comfy, big enough for two cats... but after the first few attempts of jumping in my kittens gave up as they quick ended on the floor.

04/03/16 | Steph

Not ideal for cats that pad.

Was an instant hit as others have stated and my big boy was obviously comfy as he didn't move once in BUT there is fluff everywhere, there are two holes in the sides, the pad and bed are pulled beyond recognition and it looks awful after minimal use. If your cats pads their bed this would not be suitable.