11/16/20 | Kerry

Comfy bed

Bed is comfy and my dog likes it. Sides and the bed itself are softer than I was expecting but she doesn't mind. I don't think she really likes the fleece cover as she keeps removing it. Might be too warm maybe. Overall I am very pleased. Haven't tried washing anything apart from the fleece yet, but that washed well.


Good, but not as good as previous one!

This is a great bed, our Lab loves it and you can't get her out of it. I would still buy it over others, however.. the bed is not the same as the first one we bought, the makers have changed it. The cover does not fasten on as good, the sides are not as strong and the mattress is thinner. I knew it was different when it arrived as the box wasn't as big. Still a great bed though but I wish they would change it back.


Spare covers are required

Bought 2 brilliant beds for my Vizsla but what do you do while you wash the covers??

06/03/19 | Mrs C Sparrow

9 years old

Had this bed for 9 years 5 dogs one very old on pain meds all the time he loves this bed more than the sofa or other beds in the house just wish you could buy another cover

12/01/16 | Mrs Stevenson

Dog bed

My dog Fraser looks very comfortable in his new bed, it's sturdy and he likes to rest his head on the sides, it's almost like a small sofa for dogs and my cats have tried it out too, I always cover it over with a towel when his been out so it protects the cover, would recommend this bed 🐾

05/03/15 | Cathy

A bed worth running for!

I have two dogs and they have several beds to choose from. I have had to buy three of these as when I only had one, and they both came in from outside, they would race each other to get to this bed first! They love being able to stretch out their legs but also have something to lean back on if they wish. The fur covering is easily removed from the seating area for washing as it is held in place by lots of velcro. I have given 4 not 5 stars because the fabric covering over the sides is quite thin, and whatever the dogs do to their beds when I am not looking means the fabric tears quite easily (hence having already needed to replace one).

09/06/13 | kelly chapman

orthopaedic dog beds

IVE had 2 of these beds for my dogs for over a year now, they are great , the memory foam is still good, but the covers have not washed well , the zips are broken and the whole covers need replacing. I was disappointed to learn they don't do replacement covers. Not sure if I would spend so much money on a dog bed that only lasts a year.

06/05/13 | David Bagguley

Great bed, not much sleeping space.

Fantastic looking bed, quick delivery all the way from Germany too. The only downside is the padding around the edges is quite wide so the sleeping area is much smaller than expected. We ordered the XL size for our 3 year old Labrador but he only just fits with his legs hanging off the edge. If he grows any more then the bed will be too small for him.

04/30/13 | Nicnak


What a shame they can't make extra covers for this..!!! My one is torn and needs to be replaced....I'm NOT buying the whole bed all over again..!!!!

04/19/13 | Miss Field

Great Product!

My Jack Russell is 15 yrs old and has arthritis. We've gone through so many baskets that just couldn't make her comfortable, but finally we've found a bed that gives her the comfort she needs and deserves in her old age! If you want to give your pet the comfort they deserve then you can't go far wrong with this bed! Great quality!

10/24/12 | Isabelle

Good but not big enough!

A very nice product, well made and one that looked like a mini version of my brown sofa. I was sure my greyhound would love it but she didn't. She likes to "spread" herself and there just wasn't enough space for her to stretch out (this was the largest size). Her legs were dangling off the edge and in the end, she decided she was better off on the carpet! I had to return the bed - which Zooplus made no fuss about. Very good service.