03/24/22 | Magda


Look lovely, arrived fast. My cat loves it.

12/28/21 | Ed


My cat loves the wicker basket. We use it as a transporter and as an extra bed as well


happy cat

bought to replace material iglo because i couldn't clean it properly. perfect for my nervous cat who likes to stay in the greenhouse in the garden, she went straight in and i can clean it easy

08/10/20 | Cheryl Thompson

Now a cat bed

Very cumbersome. Vet was not impressed, especially when fiddling with the toggle with a crazy cat involved. Took the gate off and now a fixture in the living room. Has only been used once. Still hoping.

07/09/20 | Frank P

Very unimpressed.

Looked lovely, arrived fine. Cats seemed happy with it. Used it one day later to take a cat to the vet, and the entire bottom dropped out. Fortunately they were unharmed and the door was closed. Had to borrow a carrier to get him home. Very upset. Would not encourage anyone to buy.

05/01/19 | Murray


Two new cats to collect and bring home... after reading lots of reviews chose these specifically because they could be both travelling and cosy bed. A bit of carpet and the cats totally agree, it was an excellent choice (lucky as I bought two for when they're older)



I ordered this with the intention of using it for longer car journeys, as the carrier we had already was a little small. As soon as i got it home BamBam was straight in there, plenty of room for him to stand, sit and move around, even with a bath towel folded up as a bed- it's perfect! He's an average size cat, around 4.5kg, not worried about the security of the door either as the pin was stiff to get out. Not tried it yet in the car but i'm sure it will be fine!

06/21/17 | Alison Wigens-Lamond

Perfect !

Ordered two Trixie Whicker cat basket carriers to transport our two cats as we are moving home. Ordered on Sunday they arrived today. Perfect size for our adult cats and super value for money. Very impressed with the service and quality. Thank you

09/17/16 | Carole Hodson

Wonderful value

Very spacious and sturdy also the door is very tough metal with a gate piece that fits very snuggly over the end before you put the toggle in. A few sharp ends which you would expect being wicker, but easily clipped shorter, vet bedding or a pet cushion would solve any other sharp bits. Really great value, it will last for years....the cats and I are thrilled

07/13/16 | Maria


I bought this for my cat Mitzilie which was ideal for trips BUT it ended up my daughters 2 chihuhuas loved it (its roomy) and i bought myself another but i have to say 3yrs later and lots of use with my daughters two little dogs and its still going strong ! Fantastic quality and looks very nice

03/12/16 | bernadette gilligan


lovley to look at but very poor product. First time i used it the kitten ended up on the dashboard.Second time i used it i tied it but still kitty still managed to get out and ended up on the dashboard so good bye i put it in the bin


Too big and my cat hates it!

This is not practical or small. It is bulky and both of my cats refuse to use it. Very disappointed.

10/25/15 | Mrs B Osborne

Very sharp ends inside

Lovely basket but the ends of wicker are very sharp and can easily injure cat. Not used for that reason, otherwise looks lovely.

09/16/15 | Catherine Lear

Superb carrier and bed!

Bought 2 of these and both my cats love them. Great to transport and comfy wee bed too. Excellent!

07/24/15 | Nadia


My cat put its paw through and lifted up the toggle on the door and let himself out. Had I been driving to the vets at the time this could have been a disaster. I really do not recommend this product it is not fit for the purpose. Very disappointed a waste of money.

06/19/15 | Sharon

Excellent for cat transport and as a bed

We used this basket to pick up our 2 kittens. Although it is excellent as a carrier (both cats ready curl up in there together despite it being a little tight for them now), my cats also use it as a bed / hidey hole and it is looks great in the corner of my lounge. No other bed I have bought them has gotten so much use. When we do go to the vet, both cats willing walk into the basket when I call them.

05/03/15 | Ricki

Brilliant product and very stylish

I bought this to transport our cat to the vets and also as a hiding space in the house. I loved the classic look of it as opposed to the modern plastic carriers available. It's very sturdy, our cat, who is quite small-framed, has lots of room in it, so I'd be confident that it fits a larger cat as well. Word of warning, not really suitable for young kittens, as we had a near escape in the car before! The wire grate at the front is quite spacious and before we knew it the little tyke had her head through it!! Other than that perfect for transport a grown cat and we always get comments on how lovely it looks at the vet's.

05/03/15 | Joan Cross


We purchased one of these some time ago and we have used for various cats at various ages. It's amazing. We have put two kittens in there and we have put an adult cat in it. Its safe, secure and very easy to use. Its a bargain at the price and I would say very good value. Very safe. Go on grab a bargain.



Have been looking for a new transporter for my cat as he hates his current crate. Found this, loved the look of it and as he's very partial to his igloo shaped bed thought it would be ideal. I unpacked it less than an hour ago and he is now curled up asleep in it! Fingers crossed he still loves it when it's time to visit the vet!


Perfect transporter

This is the perfect transporter for my two 8 month old Siamese cats. I used to have problems getting my previous cat to go into the plastic boxes, but they love this. They sleep in it a lot, so serves 2 purposes, and it's big enough for the 2 of them. I put a cushion at the bottom and a blanket, you definitely need that as it's a bit spikey otherwise. Looks nice too.