10/13/21 | Karen ASPINALL

Not for larger cats.

The concept is ok but the product is weak and poorly made. The sisal patch isn’t long enough for a full grown cat. This product might be ok for a smaller light weight cat FB or kitten. My poor senior cat loves to scratch on sisal and made a valiant effort but she couldn’t position herself in a way that she could scratch effectively. The bridge where the sisal patch is weak so when my 6kg fur baby got on it kept flattening instead of staying positioned.


Looks elegant, remains unused

It's a good-looking design; quite elegant. But the cat has completely ignored it since day 1 -- no treats or catnip or anything will convince her to scratch it, or even sit on or near it. She uses plenty of other scratching pads and posts, and I think it's the curved design that is not appealing to cats (or just her), or perhaps that the amount of space inside each curve would only fit kittens or quite small cats. Unfortunate; I plan to donate it.