04/29/22 | Jude

No catnip

They are flat and empty. No catnip filling and no opening to diy it


Not catnippy enough for my cats!

All my cats love a cat nip toy, but these just didnt cut it... cats just sniffed and walked away. Disappointing.

04/27/22 | Rosie

Perfect for smaller cats

The toys are very cute and they are nice and light so my small cat is able to carry them around easily but they are big enough to play with


Originals were better

These were to replace the older version; one rustled one had a squeak. The 'spikes' on the originals were thicker and longer and my cats loved them. Unfortunately with shorter and thinner covering these just aren't the same for my four cats. Or maybe it's that the pink on the new version is more of a beige? Either way, like many things, the originals were voted as better by y cats.


Sad and flat

Great crinkle to them and stitched well but that’s about it, overall the body is completely flat and cats aren’t interested at all (my two are usually obsessed with catnip in every shape and size) so tiny bit disappointing.


Cat completely uninterested

Whilst these little guys look cute, my cat was completely uninterested in them. Can't even encourage him to chase them when on the end of a string. He has been interested in another catnip toy, so maybe these had lost their potency before they arrived.

07/10/20 | Sheila Woodward

No response from my cat.

My cat usually loves catnip toys. She went mad for the catnip veggies and still cuddles them months later. However she doesn’t go near the sheep and hedgehog, there was no response from her at all. Waste of money.

06/27/20 | Clara

Cute and great price for 2

The toys are a good size, was expecting smaller as you get 2 but not the case! They have a lot of different stimulating materials and of course some catnip. Great for my currently indoor cat to play and snuggle (but still working on the snuggle!).

02/11/20 | Nicky


Kittens were not intrested. No cat nip very dissapointed

12/09/19 | Lisa

Cats Couldn't Wait

Tried to hide it from my cats for Christmas. They sniffed them out, tore the bag open and started playing with them. Clearly they love them!

12/02/19 | Linda


These are great toys, very cute and he loves running around with them in his mouth, they are great for throwing and him catching too

11/14/19 | Tas

My cats love them

I have 3 cats, two are just over a year old and one is 7.5 years old. They all played with these, flinging them in the air catching them and rolling on them.

11/02/19 | Louise Cassidy


A lump of fluffy material with a small bag that makes a rustling nouse. No smell of catnip at all.

10/16/19 | fiona


My 2 cats never even looked at these toys??

03/03/19 | Lysann

Love it

Got this as part of a special offer and both of my cats love it. One started carrying it around. The other one was soaking wet as tlmy other cat couldn't stop licking and chewing on it.....

01/10/19 | Tash&storm

Cute cuddly fun

Gave these to our little fur Babies and they were a hit straight away! They love them and even cuddled up to sleep with them 🥰.


Favourite toy

My cat adores the hedgehog but won't play with the sheep at all. He will snuggle his Fred the hedgehog , carry him around and play for hours with him. Shame they cannot be bought individually.

12/01/17 | Suzanne Davis

Sheep and hedgehog catnip toy

One of the better smellier(? to them?) cat nip toys, one of my large ragdolls is especially fond of the hedgehog (not so much the sheep, weird), its his go to product for a chill and a cuddle.The other 7 like it too, but Darcy has never been one to follow the crowd lol

11/04/17 | Catherine fisermanis

Loved them

My cats thought it was Christmas as I ordered these and the valerian pillows. Both were a success. The catnip toys are cute and have a nice rustle sound, both we’re interested in the toys. Must be a strong scent in these. Thumbs up from me and my cats.

11/09/16 | Jenny BH

Happy cats

My cats loved these. One still remains, the first one has been thrown away- too soggy... Time to buy replacements.