06/12/22 | Karolina

Had to get a handyman to fix

It looks amazing, don’t get me wrong. However, the top part quickly became loose and started to wobble pretty badly. Got a handyman out to unscrew it and then use super strong glue to put it back together. I mean I only had one small cat when I got it in the first place. I would really like to get some sort of refund but can’t figure out how to apply on it online …

06/09/22 | Marilyn Dawson

Should have read all the reviews before purchase

Joining the two halves together has proved impossible, would not catch on the thread which appears non existent. It has taken three people and most of the morning. Left it in the end as a shortened version. Waste of time and money.

03/30/22 | GRANIA READ

Nice looking, but terrible design...

Two men, one an engineer, tried to put this cat tree together and had to give up. The screw between upper and lower "trunk" would not engage, rendering the whole upper part unusable. A great disappointment for an expensive bit of kit that could have been stunning.

05/27/21 | Esther Moore

Looks fabulous but very poor build

It looks great the cats love it. There ends the good points. Within months the baskets fell apart and top trunk piece was so bad it rocked when the kitten jumped up. We contacted Zooplus who replace the parts. However, within 3 months one of the new baskets completely collapsed the wire frame broke the sisal bulged and opened with my cats bum sticking out. Put one of old baskets back but rest have failed badly. Top trunk has also failed again and can't be tightened. It now wobbles dangerously.

01/12/21 | Liz

became dangerous within 3 weeks

Sadly although this cat tree is aesthetically stunning within 3 weeks the central screw in the lower stem (which is the only anchor point for the attachment of the heavy upper stem) worked loose within its factory fitting .which caused the upper half of the tree to sway vigorously when my cat climbed it making it dangerous and unusable. I note from previous reviews this is not an isolated occurrence and my cat has already started to chew the baskets and they look messy, Best to avoid.

02/18/17 | Jacqui Neil

Looks good but...

I bought this for my cats four large cobby British Shorthairs, based on the favourable reviews, but the first time our biggest cat used it he had trouble climbing down from the top bed, and then so did two of our other cats, we thought we would let them get used to it but the worst happened, our biggest boy 8kgs fell from the top losing his footing on the way down, so I have to regard this tree as severely unstable needless to say we have since replaced with a more robust one.


Went in bin...

impossible to put together, connection threads were terrible and just sheered off..