03/25/22 | Maria

Cat Paradise

Very easy to assemble, sturdy and appears comfortable. My Girls love it! 😌

03/18/22 | NV

Lovely Piece, easy to put together

I was pleasantly surprised with how good this was when it arrived. The pieces are good quality plywood and sysall posts, my cats likes the fleece bed and padding, and it was so easy to put together - everything you need comes in the package. There is a slight wobble on my flooring, but that is likely my uneven floor. It's otherwise very sturdy. I've had it a few days with gentle encouragement for my cat to use it. This morning she chose it over the sofa and my lap, so she's coming around!

03/09/22 | Asha

Simple, sturdy cat tree

This is a nice, neat cat tree, made of sturdy plywood. The bed at the top is removable and I have washed it twice with no issues. The other fabric bits are removable too. The middle platform would have been better if it was a fraction longer, to allow more room for my cat to jump up to the bed more freely. She would not use this tree for 6 months- until we got some drafty spotlight fittings replaced in our house extension! Place this in a draft-free area :)

01/17/22 | Margaret Tyce-Butcher

Excellent value

This is very good value and all three of my cats love it!


Neat, cosy cat tree

This is a narrow tree so fits perfectly in to the space I have. It's a simple, non fussy tree and my cat approves.

11/11/21 | Amy

Good sturdy cat tree

I needed to replace the one have on the landing upstairs and this fit perfectly. I have two very large ragdolls one of which is 8kg and he just about manages to fit on the top bed.

11/10/21 | Xtina Gajny

Great Cat Tree

Really pleased with this purchase. A big sturdy cat tree for our chonky 12 yr old boy. We adopted him from Battersea a few months ago, he was almost 10kg when they received him! Poor thing. We have been helping him on his weight loss journey and is now down to 8kg so far, but he is still a lot of cat. So we were on the look out for a big sturdy cat tree that he could be comfortable on. This one has worked out perfectly for him. Would definitely recommend.

09/21/21 | Ailsa R

Perfect 🥰

It arrived much quicker than expected and in perfect condition. The instructions were easy to follow so it was built within 15 minutes. My cat absolutely loves it - we had to chuck out his old one which he loved to sleep on by the back door for me coming home so it had been missed. Highly recommend for a lovely looking cat tree that is sturdy, easy to clean and loved by the cat.

07/02/21 | Jen

Amazing cat tree

This cat tree is amazing, we love it. Really sturdy for larger cats, easy to assemble, good size platforms, cat used it straight away.

06/20/21 | Sandra Starling

Great cat tree

I searched for ages for just the right cat tree. This one is very sturdy, easy to build and looks great. The pads are all washable so it is easy to clean off dirty paw prints when they come in from the rainy weather. My two cats love it.

02/27/21 | Ruth

Cat loves it!

We wanted a sturdy cat scratching post for our large cat. This is really solid, looks good and was easy to put together. Love that the mats are removable for washing! Our cat always avoids anything we buy for him to sit on, so we were unsure about this. He completed ignored it for the first few days but now he sits in the top perch every evening and uses the scratcher fairly often too. So glad we bought it!

01/29/21 | Graham

Top spot

Well made, easy to assemble. The trouble is, our two cats squabble over who gets to sit on the top spot! Considering buying a second one, but it would be nice if one could buy a second perch to screw into the middle section.

01/17/21 | Jasmine

Cat and human approved

It was really easy to assemble and looks sturdy and good quality. Our cat was snoozing on it and scratching the posts almost immediately. I searched for ages for a nice looking cat tower and glad I finally decided on this one, it looks lovely in our living room.


He loves it.

New cat, who is a rescue and nervous - and up to now didn't sleep in the same spot twice, wanted to give him a good spot - so this is next to the window above the radiator - he loves sitting up there, scratching the post. This cat is a big cat (over 70 cm long) and this is very sturdy for him.

10/26/20 | Heather Key

Loved immediately

Well it took 2 minutes and one of my Maine Coons Dylan claimed his place. Enough said! Seriously though seems like a sturdy MC proof post, easy to put together and looks good.

12/14/19 | Doreen

Fab tree

Another great tree purchased from you. Have purchased a few over the years for past and present cats. Would highly recommend.

10/30/19 | Dorothy Robbins

Beautiful Bed

My Charlie is not a lover of cat furniture, but I decided to try this going on previous reviews, I'm so glad I did. Easy to assemble, sturdy and just the right height, and yes, he is very happy indeed. Great Service from Zooplus as always.


Great cat tree

Easy to assemble and keep clean thanks to removable covers. Our kitten loves it. Very sturdy. Highly recommend.


My favourite cat tree

We've got five cats and over the years have had many cat trees, this is my favourite. It looks good, it's sturdy, it has two good sleeping platforms - and the bed and padding is removable and washable so it stays looking smart. The cats love it too. Am thinking about buying a second one...

07/11/19 | Averil Lewin

Awkward cats

I bought this to replace a tree which had become unstable through use by my two heavy BSH cats, so wanted a sturdy one. This came quickly, went together easily, looks good...but the cats will have nothing to do with it! I put treats on it and they balance along the radiator to reach for them without going on it. I'm perplexed...after reading all these reviews. I'll give it another week, then it will have to go..unless I replace the cats.