Didn't assemble properly

The instructions are awful. I even looked on youtube but the screws just aren't the right size. I tried to follow instructions to only half tighten, but it's not working. It's taken hours and it's still very wobbly. Such a shame as it's a lovely design and quality - just lacks the right parts.

12/05/18 | Val Hartney

Fell down!

After just a few months we came home to find this in pieces on the floor. We have two lazy BSH and a Tonkinese all indoor cats. We are elderly and this was a lot of money for us. We are so very disappointed.

06/16/16 | Katie Robins

Do NOT buy this product! Rubbish!

I was so excited to receive this product, as we've had the same cat tree for our two cats since they were kittens. The reviews looked great and the customer pictures of the cat tree on here looked fantastic. When I unwrapped everything and tried to assemble it, I was already stumped at step 1 as the 3 X "Q" screws are too short and you can't attach part "K" to part "B." The next part where you have to use a "Q" screw, in step 4 it's also too short again! By leaving these two steps unscrewed the cat tree is completely not fit for purpose as it wobbles all over the place. My cats wouldn't even go near it! I called Zooplus who were helpful and suggested I try and source three more "P" screws as these might be long enough to do the job. I've tried three hardware stores and none of them have stocked screws of this size so I'm reluctantly having to send the tree back for a refund. Such a shame and judging by looking back at the reviews, several other people have found these screws too short. Not sure how they've overcome the problem as it is so unstable without being able to screw these screws in properly. A shame.

10/10/14 | vpg

Fell apart within a few weeks

After a lot of thought and influenced by the many good reviews I went ahead and splashed out on this tree. How I wish I hadn`t, or maybe I got the `Friday afternoon` one. Holes not aligned so I had to scrape away the board. After a few weeks it has fallen apart. Retightened all the bits only to find I can`t get the top screw to get any purchase so its now "headless". Zooplus themselves are great - this product no way but the cat loved it. How disappointing.

12/02/10 | Harry's Owner

Very disappointing

In spite of some of the rave reviews about this product and the fact that it looks stylish, I would not recommend it to anyone. It is: 1. Expensive 2. Does not last 3. Is unstable. I have 5 cats who vary from huge to tiny in size but every time one of them jumped onto this it swayed and threatened to keel over! 4. It is quite difficult to put together 5. The fixings are not very secure I have now dismantled the tree and am still using the posts as scratching posts and one of the beds on its own. However, I could have bought these items from another range for much less.

11/16/10 | Jennifer Deakin

Has not lived up to expectation

It looks great and was ok initially for my 2 tiny bengals but now 6 months on it is very unstable. Where the pole fits underneath the tray it only sits on a metal headless screw so there is a lot of movement and it regularly pops out. I cannot leave them using it without supervision incase it keels over all together!! It was expensive and I am now looking for one which is stronger and safer for the babies. I WOULD NOT recommend this to anyone.

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