06/21/20 | Samantha Jones

Looks Lovely But Poor Design x

I Bought This For My Cat & Her Kittens, Its Been Destroyed! They Almost 8 Weeks Old, The Wicker Has Come Undone, The Fabric Come Away By The Hut (They Love The Birdy) Very Over Priced For What Is It!! Very Disappointed

02/01/19 | Anita

Good but not ideal for cats that chew.

Within 3 months the hut reeding was chewed so I had to remove it, next was the reeding around the lower platform so I removed the metal frame. The top basket sides wern't chewed, but because use it to clamber into the bed, it doesn't take long to shred so I ended up removing the metal frame and leaving the base as a top perch. The scratch posts have lasted but are worn, however, I've fixed Velcro to the platforms and various sized beds to fit them and this works well. With 4 cats, it's stable.