02/24/22 | Judith Phillips

My 4 cats & 1 dog love it!!

Ended up buying both the grey & the pink version & all 5 furbabies queue up to use them. On a recent visit my sisters tiny poodle also took a liking to the bed & so I had buy a 3rd one. This is getting expensive!! Do I get a discount for a 4th?? 😁


Took a while

My cats took a while to warm up to this as it was very different to their other cat beds, It was in the house for weeks with no interest at all. One day I decided to make it my mission to interest them so I smothered it in cat nip spray, it didn't take long for them to be in bliss dribbling, purring & kneading away at the soft material. They now love it and there is a queue to use it (5 cats) so I am about to buy another.

01/29/22 | Viv

It is massive

It’s big and fluffy but my 2 cats doesn’t like it. Shame it looks nice and comfy.

01/09/22 | Gill Smith

Meeko loves his new bed

Meeko overgrooms when he's stressed. In this bed he's more relaxed than I've seen him for a long time. It's very soft and squashy and occasionally I need to lift o e side up asit tends to lean.over to the floor.

12/10/21 | Agra

My cats are broken.

Must be something wrong with my cats. They aren't interested in the slightest and rather sleep next to it. Such a shame as it looks very cosy.


My cats love it

Soft and warm


Does not look like picture on advert

I have had the cat bed for 4 months. It now looks like this! Flat round almost devoid of any padding. It was cheap, but I’d say better to pay more and have is last more than 4 months


Best bed ever!

Over the years my cat never liked any cat bed I bought him, but this is the exceptional one! Put it on the floor this morning and my cat hasn’t left it since! Such an amazing bed, it’s so soft to touch for human as well.

03/31/21 | Claire

My little lady adores this.

My cat loves being snug and this is just amazing for her ,she absolutely loves it ,very big and fluffy and a lovely shade of pink. Very happy with this product as is my Megan 😊


Hard to wash

Lovely bed very soft my cat loved it until she had an accident in it. It does not have a removable cover and although it is washable it acts like a a sponge. Hand washing did not work and my washing machine hated it.

01/25/21 | Bertie's mum

Fur baby loves it...

My cat has stopped sleeping in his normal bed and started sleeping in the tinsel bag, so I bought one of these. Took him a few days to go in but no w I can't get him out of it. A tentative foot then lots of kneading, suckling and purring. It will support him to sleep comfortably and keep him warm. It came compressed but started to fluff up when I opened it and after a quick shake it was good to go. I would recommend.

01/19/21 | Clare

perfect for cats

The bed is bigger than I expected but gives your pet a close soft snuggly close fit. My cat, who usually ignores the cat beds I have, took to this bed quickly and has almost disappeared into it! It's lovely to see him so content. If you want the grey version you can buy it for 14.99 at Bitiba, the sister company to Zooplus.


Great value; irresistible fabric

My two almost-elderly, nervous and suspicious cats both love this bed. If they get anywhere near it they helplessly fall into a kneading trance and end up in some very contented-looking naps. One cat doesn't like being swallowed up by the high sides, but as it's so soft she can easily squish it down into any shape required. If they didn't like it I would've happily used it myself as a pillow... do they make them in human sizes yet?

10/23/20 | Marie


New bed for 15 years old Bengal Indie who is normally very wary of new beds. She was in it immediately and looks so contented snuggling in. I have ordered another 4 for the rest of my crew

09/30/20 | Kath

Mine are scaredy cats

This is gorgeous for me as a foot warmer/ cushion. I love it. Susie cat is the bravest, she sits next to it and kneads it but then she lays down on the cosy teeny weeny bed I bought for the littlest cat. None of my cats will sit in it haha. It's a real lovely catbed and I've no doubt that any cat with a brain will love it but my softy daft cats think it's alive.

09/05/20 | Sean


I second the first review. It is huge, our 7.5kg Bengal has loads of room and absolutely adores it. Soft and fluffy are not adequate words to describe the smushi nature of the material. Cheap to boot, excellent buy

05/29/20 | Jennie Smith

Massive Floofy!

This is bigger and softer and far fluffed than I imagined! It's just wonderful and I want to wear it! However, both the cats and the dog have first dibs and they LOVE IT! I'm going to order another straight away