04/01/22 | Danielle Dalton

Would be better if it could be remade as one bowl

My two boys can’t stand to have water and food in bowls right next to each other and the bowls are too close together for them to both eat out of them at the same time. Would likely order again if it was made into just one bowl on its own and buy multiple. Also the sticker on the side does not come off easily at all.


My kitten loves it

Fantastic product - love the little stand it comes with - so much nicer than plastic bowls. My kitten started eating from it right away.

12/11/21 | Amelia


Really nice small but deep ceramic cat bowls On a wooden stand. They look really nice and my cats like them compared to other bowls/ plates.

07/06/21 | Claire

Sticker not coming off, plus awkwardly shaped for cat

Definitely trading style for practicality with this; my cat can't stand it and removes all his wet food from it to eat off the floor, but in doing so clumps of food get stuck under the tray. I imagine the bowls irritate his whiskers? Also, there's a sticker on the side which is a silly type of sticker that doesn't peel off easily if at all, which makes it not even that stylish!

11/11/20 | Deb

Bit small

I love the look of the bowls but they are a little small so may not suit a cat with a larger head. My cat took to them straight away but I decided to tilt them to make access to the narrow bowl easier for my cat. Would be even better if it was a 3 bowl combination so you have wet food, dry food and water together. Picture of my silver tabby cat posted on product area.

10/25/20 | Suzi Davis

Very smart

I bought this for my two cats. It looks very smart, stops the bowl from travelling & is easy to clean. Love it.

06/16/20 | jay

My cat is not too keen on it :(

My cat does not like the shape of the bowls as he is quite lazy to eat from the corners and leaves the food on the corners expecting myself to gather the food in the middle. This product looks great but just not practical for my cat.

12/11/19 | Claire

Defective product received

Upon reception of product, I noticed the finish of side of the produce wasn’t great and it had an indentation. Once the label was removed, I then saw a massive blob of glue... that precipitated my decision to return it...

03/20/19 | Samantha Gavin

Great design

Very nice, nicely made. Our dog chewed through the wood frame so it went in the bin😒 Kept the bowls though.

09/30/18 | Jainub Begum

Good Product

This product is good value for money. The bowls and stand are chic. The dishes were deeper than expected (I purchased these because I wanted shallow dishes) but it’s not a major concern. Only thing that I find an issue is the height of the stand - it’s quite low. But other than that good product.

03/03/18 | Laura

Size surprise

I was quite impressed how deep the bowls were. It keeps food inside better than traditional feeders. Very pleased with the look and effectiveness

12/05/17 | Elena

Elegant and convenient

Looks like sushi set. It is very comfortable for our maine coon, much-much less a mess.

09/19/17 | Angel Alexander


Really nice and worth the money