10/12/21 | Amy Self

Plaque off

Only been using this for my girl on top of her raw food once a day and already she’s hardly got any bad breath. She gets it along side her dental treats & chicken wings/necks etc. Hopefully the vets are happy with her oral health when she gets them checked in December. Would recommend!

08/03/21 | Charlie

Does it’s job

I’ve been using this for on my cat for less than a week and his stinky breathe is almost completely gone! Have yet to get the vet’s professional opinion. I tried what other reviewers recommended (putting it on dry food) and it definitely makes the most difference

06/01/21 | Johnny de Philo

My maine coon loves this

My 13 yr old lad was scheduled to undergo dental surgery on a back tooth (also had inflamed gums), but he is now on the mend given this product. I am extremely relieved (so is he) as his age would have been a problem for sedation. He loves it on wet food. My young lass (3 yrs) detests it - but on the other hand she has perfect teeth, so I'll worry about her later!

08/16/20 | Sam

Tiny amount for the price

Very expensive for the amount you get and my cat won't go near anything I put this on so a total waste of money for me.

04/18/20 | Lee

Work well after a while

I have been using this for about 18 months, along with enzyme toothpaste. My cat was due to have a blackened tooth removed, during the operation the vet said that it was plaque and it just chipped off during the S&P, the tooth was fine. She was due to have 2 teeth removed but didn't need doing. Her teeth are doing really well now. She had a tooth out 2 years ago and that was a tough time. This power helps get rid the plaque.

03/26/20 | Ellen

Not for us

I gave this to our two cats after advice from the vets that they were getting plaque build up, and I knew a tooth brush wouldn't be an option! Our cats aren't fussy eaters and will eat anything generaly however, neither of them liked this and one actually threw up it was that bad. Can't say I'd recommend it.

10/15/19 | Millie Alvizua


My cat is 13 years old and I have been using this product on him for about 3 years now. I am amazed how good and clean his teeth look, He has not got bad breath and better still he has no problem eating it! He eats Nori so it is not a problem for him to eat seaweed. They have changed the packaging, bit worrying, I hope the product is the same quality. By the way it would benice if the instructions were in English!


Works well

Started using this with my cat after the vet noticed a build up of plaque and bad gums for my cat. Didn't want to put her through the dental at the vets so gave this a go in conjunction with dental treats. Really noticed a difference with her teeth looking clearer and her gums looking less inflamed. Will continue using and hope that this will resolve the issue completely.

10/30/17 | Josefine

Good for my cat's digestion!

One of my cats have Irritable bowel disease and this supplement has helped her have much more normal digestion, really a very marked improvement. I feed her only raw venison and rabbit, and with this sprinkled on top she is having nearly normal poops... Firm and not runny at all, so it does have a general effect on the cat and not just the teeth.

08/23/17 | Lindsay

Seems to help

I've used this for a few weeks and my old boy's breath seems a lot less pungent. I really don't want him to have to have any more teeth out so to be honest I'll use anything that helps just a little. N.B. In my experience it works with wet food.

08/12/17 | Andrew

Labelling Is A Joke

I ordered this product - 2 major problems - 1. The instructions are in tiny print - you need a magnifying glass to read them. 2. The instructions, even if I could read them, are completely in French! Great for French speaking customers - not for others. I don't think you should be selling health care products that are inadequately packaged.

07/25/17 | zoe

put it in dry food only

I made a mistake by mixing it into wet food and I have to re review it! The plaques on her back teeth are almost gone after a week!! It only works on dry food cos to it rubs off plaques while chewing. My vet suggests a dry food diet with this product. And stating unless she has urinal problems I shouldnt feed her wet only.

04/27/17 | Karen

So far so good

I have 3 cats, 2 boys 10 and 8 and 1 girl who is 4. The eldest has very bad breath but don't want to put him under anaesthetic at his age so thought I would give this a try. The boys will eat anything but my girlie is very fussy and has even turned down posh food, so wasn't sure if she would eat hers with it in. Luckily they all either can't taste it or love the taste as they don't bat an eye at dinnertime. I can't say if it works on bad breath yet as it's only been a couple of days but I will be back to comment if it saves my old man from the dentist.

04/21/17 | zoe

not working

I know it takes time. Finished first bottle, cant see the difference. Still same now with the second bottle.


Hoping this works!

Like other reviewers, I have started using this after my vet said my cat had tartar and gingivitis. I really don't want to have him put under anaesthetic so I've started using this in this first instance. I mix it into his wet food and he gobbles it down, no problem! Hoping I see the same results as other reviewers!


Great stuff. Well worth it.

Got this for one of my cats who had a bit of gingevitus last annual check up. I had him on oral care dry food but it didn't seem to be working and it made no sense that he had problem teeth when he prefers dry food and chews it and his brother has white teeth and he wolfs his food down! I changed their diet to grain free and added this to his wet food every morning and he's enjoying his food more and had no sign of gingevitus last check up. A great product.

11/01/16 | Lin

It really does work

I started using this after my vet had to give my 6 year old a major dental including extractions. It was recommended that I use a liquid in his water but as I use a fountain it was clogging it up. I was then told my old girl would soon need a dental as she had inflammation and tartar. I saw this and have been using it for about 8 weeks and the vet has seen both cats and commended on their improvement. They have it stirred in food and take it easy.

08/15/15 | Philip from London

Purely natural product that does work......great stuff!!!

I use this and my cat Blakey Baby had no smelly breath within 4 weeks. In a couple of months all plaque and Tartar had gone. Even the tiny bit of gingivitis had gone around one of his upper right back teeth. I took him to the vets recently and she said keep using it as a preventative. Another great product from Zooplus!!!!

09/12/14 | Kerry

Would recommend!

I have a 14 year old cat. He had bad build up of plaque on all his teeth, including his canines. He had bad breath and red gums. I was unwilling to put him through an anaesthetic to have his teeth cleaned as he was eating ok so tried this. I put it on his breakfast and he always eats it with no problems - and he is a fussy cat! Four weeks in and he has no smelly breath, his gums look less red and there seems to be a bit less plaque! Pleased so far, and so I am using it with our younger cat too as a preventative.

05/14/14 | Sarah

Amazing results

At my cat's annual check up, the vet showed me a build up of yellow plaque on my cat's back teeth. The vet said that if it continues to build up, she would need to have her teeth cleaned under anesthetic. I read the reviews of this product here and decided to give it a go. My cat is very fusy about her food, but I found that if I added a scoop into the pouch of food and mixed it in, she didn't know the difference. Just over a week later and the plaque has almost gone! Her breath smells a lot better, and I can't believe it has worked so well. It's not a huge pot, but the scoop provided is also small, so it's going to last a while and well worth the money. Has certainly saved an expensive vet bill!