06/13/19 | Irene

My cat does not vomit with these biscuits

I have tried so many foods and biscuits for my 1/4 Siamese moggy. He has a vomiting problem. Even the expensive foods do not suit him so I now keep to this brand and another popular brand of biscuits and 2 brands of fine pate food/mousse pate, not terrine which is more chunky, to balance his nutrition. Prices are great on here

05/09/12 | Dianne

1 Happy Playful Oldie

I have one 10 year old cat and 3 younger ones. I have to stop the younger ones that are fed "a Top Brand" from stealing his food, they all love it, I would just like to see it sold in larger volumes. I live in South Africa and here we can only buy 510g packets and the price per KG compares favorably with Fillet Steak.