10/02/21 | Annette

Very wary of this food

I have 3 cats, 2 of which will eat anything. I bought this for the third cat, a 16 year old who eats little, after reading the reviews. She didn't like it and neither did the other two. All the cats ate only a tiny amount daily and then one of them appeared ill. I took her to the vets and she was anaemic. Kidneys, liver, heart all fine so a mystery. The vet was concerned about the food and we switched back to Hills. Within a week her bloods were back to normal and they are all eating! Be careful

01/29/21 | Janners

Taken to immediately and low sodium and protein

My cat was diagnosed with a liver shunt a few weeks back and I'd already bought a bag of Sanabelle Senior. When I compared the ingredients to those of the liver diets and renal diets, I was amazed to see that this product was comparable with most of them. This pleased me no end as my cats do like this food and I was relieved not to have to find another food to buy. It literally has 1% more protein than the leading brands for renal and liver issues and has lower sodium!

11/17/20 | Beth

Overweight Kitty

I have just rescued two senior girls who are slightly on the chunky side and needed to lose a bit of weight. The biscuits they were on when they came were ‘light’ biscuits which were full of cereals and they just constantly ate them, they never seemed to be full/satisfied. On these biscuits they graze a lot more rather than scoffing all the biscuits at once. They love the biscuits and they are both doing well on them

07/29/20 | Tiff Burcham

Great quality

My boy is very fussy with biscuit, but got straight into this, no messing! The pieces are small and rounded and smell very meaty. I love the zip lock closure on the bag which ensures the food stays fresh. Clean bowls every time so big thumbs up! Highly recommended.

07/25/20 | Coco

Unstable for my cats

My cats are not fuzzy on food however this cat food made both of them refuse to eat. Even one of them sick out the food.

09/18/15 | Stu

Our Cats Love It

We have fed our cats exclusively on IAMS for as long as I can remember and they are 15 and 9 years old. We had the sample of this arrive with another order and they absolutely loved it. We bought a 10Kg bag which they have enjoyed so we will reorder. They appear to have maintained a good weight and the vet commented on how healthy they appeared which is good news.

06/08/14 | Neil

cat peeing problem

Our cat now 8 years old kept on going to toilet to have a wee every time you saw him he was also going into corners of the house, clothes, boxes anywhere he could squat down since being on Sanabelle senior the problem has stopped ,brilliant, wonderful, what more can i say accept he loves the food as well a win win situation.

08/30/12 | Gabby

Purrrfect for opposite cats

I have two cats who have only 1 similarity - age. Tenzing is a Bengal; hyper, active, sensitive (tummy), great teeth. Jenny is a moggy; lazy, shy, rescued, overweight, poor teeth. Trying to keep Jenny to lose weight but Tenzing to keep it on is a nightmare! especially as Tenzing suffers from a sentitive digestive system and jenny has dental issues. Not to mention how fussy they are! But one dish of Sanabelle Senior fits both! I'm happy with the price, quality of ingedients and cruelty free company, and the cats are happy and healthy with the food!


Good Choice

After feeding 3 aged cats on Hills for more than 10 years, we got a small sample of Sanabelle with another product and they loved it. Decided to buy a large bag and to introduce it slowly, even the one with 18 teeth missing managed the smaller kibbles with ease. A good alternative to Hills.