Hairball and coat

I have a very fussy cat and does not like to be brushed, these biscuits stops sickness due to hairballs

02/10/21 | Dan

Top nosh

I see other people have fussy cats. Mine didn't seem to notice the formula change, and I've never once seen a hairball pop out of his mouth hole. If they could design a variant that stops clag getting caught on the coat on the way out, then they'd be on to a real winner.

01/09/17 | Jen

Highly recommend!

Excellent product & very tasty for both cats!

01/08/17 | Larinda

no more hairballs

My cat has a thick coat, in spite of regular combing she constantly threw up hairballs. Since using science plan science plan hairball control 5 yrs ago all the hairball problems have stopped. It has completely worked on my cat, and the cat loves it.