01/28/22 | kate

poor is way to much !!!!

After reading all reviews I decided to give it to my senior dog... the worst idea I could ever have!!! Poor dog is vomiting sincei give it to him!!! I did it once... smell - disgusting even for me!! My dog did give back all the food, all water he drink!!! Now waiting for vet appointment so see what next!!! PLEASE DISCUSS WITH YOUR VET BEFORE YOU WILL HURT YOUR FURRY FRIEND !!!!

08/04/21 | Tabby

My cats hated it

I tried my cats on a different brand initially but loved the idea of this having a pump. However, this was not as viscous and did not have an inviting fishy odour like the other brand. I tried to force it on them and even managed 1/2 a bottle but threw away so much food so I just gave it away to my Mum for her dogs.

08/03/21 | Charlie

Cat won’t eat it

Unfortunately don’t know whether it works or not, as my cat won’t go near anything I put it on. I even tried putting it on the floor in front of him and he ran away! The bottle is also tiny, and had leaked everywhere in transit


Cats don’t want this at all

Waste of money for me


Very poor quality

Watery oil if that could exist. Dogs coat and skin deteriorated since start using. Only choice on Zooplus so back to ordering off of Amazon

02/25/19 | PR

Great product, useless pump

I don't think I need to add to previous reviews! Why on earth did the company change a functional nozzle for a useless spray? Fortunately I kept one pump nozzle from an old bottle - if this breaks breaks I shall be ordering from a different company in the future. Such a shame as the product is really good, my Rhodesian Ridgeback now finishes his meals and looks as shiny as a conker!

02/01/19 | Jones

Used to be a 5*

The new spray dispenser is awful and the serving amounts on the back are hilarious! 200 pumps!?. Changing to a different product purely because of this


Not impressed with the spray bottle

The oil is good but the spray bottle is useless!

11/14/18 | Keith ledger

Why have you changed the pump.

Brilliant product that we have been using for months. They have now changed the pump to a fine mist spray that just doesn't work pointing downward onto the dogs food. Won't be ordering again will look for alternatives with the old pump.

08/09/18 | Charlotte

Changed to spray

Used to come with a pump now its a spray. Yoy end up with more oil on your hamd then in the food. Bring back the pump!!!!