02/24/22 | Betty Golding

Not the Beef

Zooplus has always been very prompt and efficient with my deliveries. This has been my first experience of this box of Felix and my cats would not touch the beef variety. What should have been a good buy has now become rather expensive.

02/10/22 | Debbie Butterworth

Felix GAIL

I have 4 rescue cats and they all love Good as it Looks,I do purchase other cat foods but this is the main staple.Always good quality and makes you feel you are feeding your pets the best possible diet.Will be in my basket for as long as I have cats.Well done Purina.😊

11/02/21 | Claire Corbin


My cats love these, Its so convenient to order from Zoo Plus and it only takes a day or two to arrive, My cats also love the rewards they get too.

06/04/21 | Bk

Poorly kitty

Cat loved the UK version, but this selection gave my greedy cat the runs. I was very disappointed my cat stopped eating it, should have sent it back really

11/01/20 | Sue

Felix as good as it looks

My Tammy loves the fish ones in jelly

06/20/20 | Barbara

Great bulk buy!

I get these once a fortnight for my cats, they love it and it’s so handy to buy in bulk, great price too!

06/01/20 | Dan Gossage

Big no no from now on

As well as having multiple pouches leaking I’ve noticed theses multiple packs are meant for other countries such as Poland and Russia, these always seem to make bith my Ragdoll’s very sick, yet when I buy a standard pack from the supermarket with a GB production code they’re fine. Have to say Zooplus have been excellent in sorting out issues with leaking pouches and refunds .

05/02/20 | Fauziah Mat abu

Felix 120 pouches

I always buy this product has my furry friends loves them. The price is also good. But, 1 things I dislike is the sometimes one or two pouches leaks and leave the other pouches sticky. Only sometimes. Not all the time. Zooplus always deliver on time. 👍

03/23/20 | Sarah

Leaking pouches!

Zooplus are great for delivery and price, but PLEASE look in to why the pouches are bursting in boxes! Disgusting rotting meat and juices and we shouldn't have to wash all the "good" pouches.. Dont know if it the courier or warehouse or if they are flown over and burst under pressure. Box isn't normally dented...


Leaking packets

Price is great .. delivery fine .. every time we order the box inside is soaked in juice where one or more of the packets has leaked ! So you have to find the leaking ones and then the rest are sticky and smelly however long it’s been leaking for 😷 not great wether it’s damaged in shipping who knows but it drives me insane having to rinse all the packets and having no box to store it in because it’s wet and damaged

08/27/19 | Linda hoal

Nine kittens all love it

Good value

07/24/19 | Christine Thompson


No problem with this

01/15/19 | Sarah w

Always one burst

Got this mega pack a few times now as it is good value for money with 5 cats eating it, but there always seems to be one or two pouches leaking!

12/18/18 | Debbie Cooper

Excellent quality and service -cats love it

My 8 all love Felix and this mega pack is ideal for them with a door choice of flavours

08/15/18 | Colin

Sox loves it.....

Excellent variety, great value ....

07/04/18 | Martina FC

Ridiculous Packaging

The food is fine though my cats aren't as keen on the variety in this bumper pack. I don't understand why there is so much packaging - the volume of cardboard is so incredibly wasteful

06/16/18 | Jane ridley

Not as good as 88

Pouches don’t feel as full as the 88 pack I got last time

12/08/17 | Susan cameron

Excellent value

Top high st product at a massive saving on supermarket prices, fast delivery and excellent loyalty rewards. Can't believe we didn't order with you earlier 😀

10/13/17 | Liz

88 pack is better value

This works out at .246p per pouch, the 88 for £19.99 box is only .227p per pouch!

09/10/17 | Barbara Kirkland

mega pack

only 3 flavours in the box tuna cod and chicken disapointed as my cats prefer the meat varieties