Upset stomach

I used to get my cats the bozita tinned food however they have stopped selling this so I figured I would switch to the tetra packs. My normally healthy cats have been being sick and had an upset stomach. The food doesn’t look a good quality and looks completely different from the tinned stuff. Will not be using this anymore.
01/15/22 | D Blake

Changed recipe

My cats used to love chicken Bozita but I've just bought a new case and they won't touch it. I'm having to feed it to foxes. Ridiculous

Bozita tetra packs

My 4 cats have been eating Bozita for a few years now so I am so surprised! What has happened! The ingredients have changed and the Jelly is so thick! Looks like it's full of gelling agent.I won't be buying again!
09/12/21 | Nelly

Avoid!Do not buy!

If I could only give 0stars! Very poor quality food-over praised&over priced &of course the cats are not eating it..


So PLEASE can We Know WHY the RECIPE has been changed...colour everything different..& my cats know...Is this still BOZITA food?? why would they change something that we buy in good Faith.Can ZOOPLUS please advise & contact them on our behalf?? Thanks

Cat won't eat it

I thought this was a great idea - recyclable, washable packaging and no smelly pouches in my refuse bin. Unfortunately, apart from licking off the jelly, our cat won't eat this. Yours might be less fussy. If you have not given this food to your cat before, I recommend buying a small quantity initially to try it out.
02/16/21 | Mark

Diarrhoea and uninterested.

My two ragdolls didn't really like this, they'll eat it if I mix just a teaspoon of it with Smilla or Animonda Carney so at least I won't have wasted my money. After a long time trying them on this it's clear that if I give them any more than 1 teaspoon in a portion it results in liquid poo...


Allergic reaction, my cat throws up and has diarrhea however little is given. Never reached the two week transaction period and waste of money and Zooplus should not sells this, as I’m not the only one with the same issue. I can’t emphasise enough DON’T buy look elsewhere, please learn from my mistake and don’t take the risk.
02/09/19 | J.


Bought different flavours, and my cats turned their noses up,at about £100's worth, it went to the local rescue. Shame as I have a cat with CRF and would have been ideal as he doesn't like renal food
04/30/18 | Marie Maloney

Not good.

My cat won't eat it, she doesn't even try it. Even the stray cat outside won't eat it, I've got a cupboard full of the stuff.
03/06/18 | FRAN LOW

my 6 will not touch any of the flavours

I have a Maine coon, a Burmese, two British shorthairs & 2 moggies, none will eat any of the flavours. It looks & smells good to me - to them, and they are the important ones, they won't even give it a lick. If I mix it with their other food - they leave that too. Buy a small amount first is my advice

Have they changed it?

My first bengal used to woof this down, but in th elast couple of years she now refuses to eat it and would rather fgo without! A great shame as it used to be brilliant!
10/15/16 | Carol

Cats don't like it at all

Bought this as it has no grains or soy in it. Unfortunately like many other reviewers here our cats will not touch the stuff. At best they will lick the gravy but leave the meat. Even after a week or more they still turn there noses up at it. I have tried mashing it up but it makes no difference. Something in the way the meat is processed/ or in the additives that makes it unpalatable to many cats. I will donate to cat rescue what is left with a warning though.
07/03/16 | Kayleigh

Cat had bad reaction to it

My poor cat had a bad reaction to this food leaving her unable to use her rear legs properly and leaving us with a huge vets bill. Once we stopped giving this food she was back to normal within 48hrs but i would never buy Bozita again!

Cheap and nasty

I bought this for my 4 cats to try. It looks cheap and nasty. They won't eat it. I do not recommend it at all and don't understand how it gets any good reviews. I have thrown it away.
04/06/16 | stephen crosby


Do not waste your money....Our cats turn their noses up...It looks cheap....It is cheap.
11/08/15 | Milena

Cats do not want to eat it

My 4 cats just refuse to eat it. I donated whole 60 quid worth batch to the shelter .

Not great

I bought this for my two cats hoping to get them on a better quality food and also on recommendation from a friend. After a few attempts of trying to get them to eat it I gave up. They just wouldn't touch it, even if it was the only thing they were given. We have gone back to their normal food and they clear every scrap from their bowls. Definitely buy some to test them on otherwise you might end up giving it away like we have!
06/04/15 | Niall Rowan

Won't order again

Our cats point blank refuse to eat this stuff. Even leaving it to dry out for a day or two has no effect. Try before you buy IYSWIM.

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