12/27/16 | Susan Baker

Meat in the tin has become less

I have bought this food for awhile for my cats, it's expensive but I always buy in bulk to cut cost. The last batch of 48 cans or more that I bought. My husband and I both noticed the amount of meat packed in to the cans has decreased and there seems to be more juice and rice. I must say I am highly disappointed as the cost has not changed. My cats don't seem to I've the food as much either. I am now looking at changing their food because of this.


Change in recipe

My cat's diet was been changed to nothing but Applaws, because the benefits of solely eating this range, outweighs the increase in price. However, I have noticed there is a distinct change in the Sardine & Mackerel, whereby, the chunks of fish have been replaced with a mushy consistency & it states 5% rice, in the ingredients, although, that is an understatement, because there is, now, a large amount of soaked rice, which I assume has been added, in order, to pad out the meal & in turn reduces the need for whole pieces of fish, which obviously keeps the costs down, at the manufacturing stage, however, the price I pay for the food hasn't decreased. Why do companies change a popular food item, at the risk of losing business? Yes, Applaws is one of the most expensive pet food, but, buying it in large quantities is actually economical, in addition to the fact that, up until these alterations, my cat would eat every single morsel, which meant I wasn't throwing away unwanted/leftover food. Now, I am inundated with tins of food that my cat refuses to eat & Applaws has an extremely disappointed & frustrated customer.