Great for picky eaters!

I have been using Royal Canin Kitten for a few months and I'm very satisfied. My cats like it very much, so much so it's even more popular than their wet food!

11/12/13 | Natalie Munford

Good quality food would recommend it to any kitten/cat owner

When my boy cat came into my life his coat was dull, eyes looked unhappy and claws were not in a good shape, I went straight down to my pet shop got the best food I could find which is the royal canin and what a different cat he turned it into he's an attractive, glossy coat, bright eyes loving cat I would recommended it all day long and the expensive of it is priceless to me that's how happy I am with royal canin.

04/11/13 | Sue N


Both my pedigree shorthaired kittens love these biscuits.Less odour afterwards too.lol I was recommended this by their breeder and as one has a delicate tummy this does not affect her.Worth the money.

11/23/12 | Gordon

Kitten loves it.

Bought this for my Bengal kitten. She loves it and so do my other cats. Can't get them to eat anything else. Highly recommend.

09/06/12 | Ani

Royal Canin

I have two kittens ..I had samples of three other foods when I adopted these kitties and this food was prefered paws down by both babies and the tux cat likes it as well.When I took them to their Vet check I was told this food was highly recommended. I have been given other samples since and the kitties will actually hold out for the tiny morsels of Royal Canin.

09/06/12 | Janis

My Devon Rexes Love This!

Both Rexes and kittens were fed this - excellent quality and value without a doubt. My fussy queen eats this until her kittens arrive - then she eats the Babycat!