01/19/20 | wendy Jolley

Smelly & Greasy

I bought 600g costing £14.99. I opening up the 1st bag to a really disgusting smell. My 5 dogs sniffed them but would n`t touch them.This was the same for all 3 bags. They were greasy to touch with excess grease being at the part where the hole is in the ears. As long as they smell like this we will be buying elsewhere.

04/20/19 | Emma M

very good

My German Shepherd loves these. I felt a bit weird giving them to her at first, well, because they are bunny ears after all, but honestly if you feel like its cruel or anything then dont because your dog will love them. They are really natural. Give them a go. They are of good quality. I was under the impression that these were gonna smell bad after reading other reviews on this site but they didnt smell at all. My dog demolished two of them in no time. She was so happy to have it.



Sunia literally goes crazy for these delicacies. We got the rabbit ears and she had to take a good few minutes to get through them.



The stronger the better! As soon as I gave them their first ear the smell was very apparent. Yes it's very strong but it's only natural! My puppy loves them! In the picture they only show perfectly white ears but when I got my bag they had all sorts in them: white, brown, spotted etc. It's perfectly normal! My dog has never had any problems...apart from developing a slight addiction :P

10/09/18 | originally published in zooplus.be

Very nice

The ears are nice and big, perfect for Loulou who normally swallows her snacks whole


Rabbit Ears

Sunia likes them very much, they are also ideal for cleaning her teeth.

03/15/18 | originally published in zooplus.de


My one year old Doberman loves a good chew. These mixed ears have a special place in her heart. I will definitely make another order.

02/07/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

Greatly adored...

.... Snack. Our dog loves these ears. So much so that she can get through them in a scary amount of time.


Totally amazed

Our dog loves the cows' ears, which are especially smelly. Next we tried the rabbit ears, which were even better. Luckily they don't smell as bad and our dog has found a new favourite! The second order is pending!

01/17/18 | originally published in zooplus.de


Our Labrador loves them and they are good value for money too


Cows' Ears with Fur

My dog has gone mad at this point, from a human perspective they look terrible and are very stinky , but the dog loves them. I give her the ear with joy, then she runs with this ear around the living room and shows off her treasure around the whole house. Still nothing has sparked such enthusiasm as these ears.