07/03/21 | David

Husky approved

My husky will eat anything but she loves this stuff. I buy the dry and wet, all different flavours and she wallops it down every time. Her poos are regular and solid every day. She’s been on this for about a year and I don’t intend to change it. Def recommend the wolf of wilderness products.

04/17/21 | Jodie-Marie

Great quality food

As a veterinary nurse I am always conscious about what I feed my pets. The ingredients are great, without any nasty added additives and the protein source is fantastic for a commercial dog food. My lurcher does great on this food, fab stool quality and her coat is glossy to. Highly recommend.


My dog loves it

I had the problem that my dog didn't want his old food anymore so I ordered 4 different sorts and this one was the best. He also digests it really well.

07/28/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Grain intolerance

My dog loves the taste, we have already tried lots of the WoW varieties and he digests them really well. No diarrhea, no wind and most importantly he eats his food up every day. Also the kibble isn't too big for my tibetan terrier. I can highly recommend it.



I have a ten-year-old very agile terrier. He eats everything and is always hungry. He digests this food really well. No farting and he doesn't do massive mounds of poop like with other brands. I just wish it came in environmentally friendly packaging.


Excellent dry food

Our 20 month old Staffie is very fond of this food. This is our second time buying from the brand and we wanted to try a new flavour after starting with the Salmon flavour. He loves the taste and his fur is brilliant and we have also noticed a bigger appetite.

09/17/19 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Grain free...

Food that's really well suited to my Nordic hound...

09/17/19 | originally published in zooplus.fr

The best for my Bulldog

I always order this flavour because my bulldog (a fussy eater) loves it and it really agrees with him (no gas!). These are the most suited to him in my opinion, and I have tested dozens of different brands to find the my booboo's favourite.

07/21/19 | mia

Not what we expected

Our terrier mix had quite itchy skin and her eyes were watery (with RC), then we tried this one. Not worth it I'm afraid. Her poop became bigger and smellier (and darker) and she was "crying" even more than before. We'll have to try something else or go back to the previous food.

06/27/19 | Gwyn Thorburn

Bad news all round

Unfortunately, not only did my dogs not enjoy this flavour (it takes a lot for a labrador to turn their nose up at food!) but it made them ill, with vomiting and diarrhoea. They thrive on all the other flavours but I shan't be buying 'Oak Woods' again. I've had to throw the rest of it away.


They loved it

Even though I have two different sized dogs a Malinois and Basenji they both love it


Loved it

My very fussy Basenji ate it without any fuss.


Excellent food

My dog loves eating this food, it's very yummy and he has had no difficulties digesting it or any other problems.

01/21/19 | Paul Dalton


In a nutshell I think more came out of my bitch than went in.6 to 7 large poos a day.Ordered Simpsons 80/20 with 2 small poos a day.A 10kg bag lasts my African Lion hound just under 3 weeks.WoW just did not suit my bitch.2 stars only because it did not suit my bitch.

11/28/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

Wolf of Wilderness Wild Boar

Very good, my dog loves it and what I like most is that he is properly chewing it

10/03/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very good

My dog normally doesn't like dry food but he loves this stuff !

09/15/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

I love it

The first food which all 4 of my dogs enjoyed eating and didn't get any problems from. Well sized pieces and it smells very good.

09/03/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

Addictive dog food

Our Vizsla's favourite food without question

08/20/18 | Pamela A Forsyth

Wolfhound wolfs this food.

Our Wolfhound has a very sensitive tummy. From the minute this arrived he was interested. Sniffing the bag. Desperate for a taste. He loved it. It seems to suit his colitis affected tummy. Very happy. Oredring more.

08/01/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great food

We tried so many different foods but nothing really worked for Flori, but this Wolf food was different. I like that you can order a small bag to try out, which helped us find something that worked for our dog.