07/20/16 | KeishaV


My feline daughter was diagnosed with pancreatitis in February and I was told she would benefit from switching to this food. Like the other reviews, this food has really helped her to recover, she really enjoys it and (touch wood) she's been absolutely fine since. This site is definitely less expensive than everywhere else I looked online so we are very happy customers!

05/03/16 | angie knight

fabulous food

My really picky 13 year old cat was diagnosed with Pancreatitis last year. He had a really tough time getting well and lost more than a kilo. This food is a god send and has been keeping his flare ups to a minimum - amazing food would highly recommend.

03/10/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Best Food

My 9 month old cat was throwing up daily for months on end, until we found out he had pancreatitis. It was gunking up his intestinal tract, which required surgery. He was put on lots of meds and given this food, and he stopped all vomiting. Big thank you to the vet and to Royal Canin. Highly reommended


gentle for digestion challenged cats

my cat was diagnosed with pancreatitis. With pain management and this magical food he has returned to nearly his normal self. Highly recommend

01/12/16 | originally published in zooplus.de


This food made it possible for our cat to live a normal life again. As well as the meds, this food is the most important part in keeping his illness in check. We are very happy that it exists. Ordering, delivery, and payment all effortless with zooplus. We are very happy and would thoroughly recommend this product and supplier to any cat owner out there.