Product is ok

Product is ok my cat will eat it but don't think she loves it a lot but health has improved. Now buy from other place in larger box though as it is amongst the most expensive place to buy it from here


No more cystitis

Amazing product. My cat had cystitis several times over a few months for no apparent reason. In the end she developed bladder stones the infection got so bad (she is a nightmare to get antibiotics into and the injection antibiotics didnt work). Vet recommended this food and after a couple days of not giving her the beloved felix she loves it and hasn’t had cystitis for over a year! Definitely recommend. She is now on it permanently combined with the low cal biscuits and she couldn’t be happier.

08/12/20 | Shannon Thomas

Happy Cat = Happy Cat Mum!

Our tabby suffers massively with anxiety causing him to have urinary issues like cystitis. First of all my cat (Genie) can not get enough of both the dry and wet food, he loves it and find him waiting for his meals! Second of all, his health has massively improved! Toilet time is much easier and often and find myself finally feeling less worried. My vet reccomended this food and I will 100% stick with it! Happy 😊

01/11/20 | Mrs Susan Clifton


My cat used to love the old recipe with chicken but this new recipe she does not like and I want to change the food now so need to speak to the vet to see if you offer something similar. The picture on the food has changed as well. I have tried this new recipe for a couple of months.

10/29/19 | Sophie

Won’t eat

This got recommended by my vet alongside the dry mix as well. She loves the dry food but will not touch the wet - tried to mix with tuna but still turns her nose up :(

10/08/19 | Karen Staples

Happy kitty

My boy loves this food, only because he doesn't know that it's good for him

09/16/19 | Kelly Ravel

Recipe changed

I have bought this item together with the dry bags also for 5yrs, but my cat will no longer eat it as the recipe has changed, also the picture on the packet has also, why is this? please can the old recipe return as i can't find it thank you.

08/17/19 | Ruth


So far my cats love this. Thanks Zooplus for next day delivery. Talk about fast!

08/17/19 | Ruth


So far my cats love this. Thanks Zooplus for next day delivery. Talk about fast!

08/15/19 | jackie

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Cat - Urinary S/O

My cat loved the "old" (green/white packe) but he will not touch this new variety. total waste of money. Tried him several times with long gaps in between and he still won't eat it. have 8 packs left. why did they have to change it!!!!!!! Very, Very disappointed


Less quantity & no flavor choice for the same price :(

Really disappointed, amount has been reduced from 100g to 85g, and there’s no chicken, beef option.

06/13/19 | Robert Adcock

Reduced quantity same price!

The food is excellent, no doubt. But as you can see from the thumbnail not only has the packet been redesigned you now get 85g for the same price as 100g used to cost. That means if you order the 48 pack you're now getting the equivalent of 8 and a half packs less than before!



Reggie my elderly neutered male had urinary tract problems. Vets recommended this food and they have not reappeared. But please do not send my new order by Yodel

11/13/17 | Mrs H

Excellent price

Our vet recommended (well told) that we buy this food as our kitty who suffers from stress related bladder problems, mainly crystals which unfortunately makes him pee all over the house. Before we started him on this, he was on Whiskers (which he loved)…however this has much more meaty and looks more appetising! I add a drop or two of water to a) add to his water intake and b) make it more into a meat & gravy meal. Oscar eats it, depending how hungry he is. I also buy the dried Urinary too…which

10/10/17 | McNamara

At last ,Much cheaper than Vets

Lenny is now 13 and has been on this food since he was 18 months old and was rushed to the vets with a urinary blockage.Tablets were a nightmare to make sure he didn’t spit them out.This food has kept him clear of any problem since well worth price !

02/26/17 | Leah

Seems to help

My cat has been suffering from urinary problems. After seeing the vet and getting loads of tablets she recommended this food. He seems to be returning to his old self and will continue to feed this food! Would recommend if you're cat has urinary issues too!

02/15/17 | Maria T

Has kept my cat healthy

Our cat collapsed. We found out that he had a kidney problem with high Uremia . He was at the Vet for one week with drips ,etc. Since then has been on this product (over 2 years ) No problems sicne

09/01/16 | Chris

Does the trick for crystals and FLUTD

Our poor little man had a terrible 2015, culminating in full blockage and a major operation (and month of sheer hell) in January. However, having been told by the vets that he needs a crystal controlling diet now - perhaps for life - we started him on this (and the other flavours). He gets bored of flavours, so we alternate this, moderate calorie and beef (please start stocking beef zooplus!) plus the occasional katovit pouch. No bladder problems since the switch in diet. Great stuff.

07/22/16 | julie osman


Oscar likes the fact the chunks are small so not much chewing involved but would like another flavour other than just chicken as he gets bored and takes all day on and off to eat his food.I like this food as it has improved Oscars feline lower urinary tract disease in a matter of weeks and has made him more happy fluffy and content .

05/27/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Royal Canin Urinary S/O

I am so happy that this food is finally available at zooplus. My cat insists on it. All of the other foods we have tried for urinary problems he has simply ignored. The food does its job perfectly. Ever since my cat started eating RoyalCanin he has been healthy and has had no relapses. I can only recommend it!