02/24/22 | Shamsi Pearson

Great sized Kibble

I am fed up of getting dry cat food that has tiny pieces of kibble. These are a great size and makes it necessary for my cats to chew the pieces, whereas with the tiny varieties they swallow them whole and often it upsets their stomach. Bought a small pack to try and they loved them. Bigger pack in the basket as we speak!

07/03/21 | Hannah

Not for us

My cats like them but struggled to digest. They would eat them whole rather than crunch them therefore the benefit to the teeth was useless. They were also sick daily because they weren’t digesting them. We have therefore gone back to royal canin savour sensations.

03/30/21 | Edita

Best dry cat food EVER!

My 2 brits absolutely love RC Oral! I tried mixing it in a bowl with other branded foods but they get chucked out very quickly :) We are on the forth 8kg bag and it will certainly not be the last! A*****

03/06/21 | Suzy


My 3 Ragdoll’s love these , although one of them who does suffer with gingivitis does swallow them whole. They go nuts for all Royal Canin biscuits especially these. They sit waiting until I top up here bowls up , and instantly run up to them deffinately a winner

02/11/21 | SUSAN

Bertie loves this too!

Thought we would give this a try, usually give Bertie the British Blue adult food which he likes very much. However, I noticed tartar building up on his teeth, don't now as yet if it's working as only been using once per day after just buying 10KG of the other food! I will review in a few months.


Cat Loves them & No more bad breath

Few years ago I noticed that my cat had stinky breath. Then at his next vets appointment they recommended that I try cleaning his teeth as he had plaque build up, or he might need dental work. Trying to clean a cats teeth is just impossible. Luckily I came across these biscuits at a pet show, and was given a sample bag which my cat loved. Within a month his bad breath had gone, and the vet has never mentioned his teeth since. He's been having these for 6+ years and has very healthy teeth!

07/04/20 | Margaret Schofield

My youngest loves this

I have given the oral care to my youngest cat Poppy ,she's 6 ,since she was old enough to chew it and her teeth are lovely ,just wish I'd given it to my older one Charlie ,14 , because he's had to have several teeth removed because of tartar, would recommend you try it ,it works for Poppy , Charlie gets wet food and special treats

03/14/20 | Eve

Absolute winner for my two cats!

I originally bought this because my cats were swallowing their dry food whole, and now all I hear Is the crunch as they chow down on this! The kibbles are big enough that they have to bite/crunch, and I have definitely noticed that their teeth are less plaque-y! Bonus - it must be delicious because they’re always fishing out this kibble first (I mix with RC hair & skin which also works FYI)!!


Swallows them whole!

My cat does like them but I'm Not sure they're doing much for her teeth as despite their large size she swallows them whole. Her stools are also very dry and hard, which is a new thing since being on these, despite having a water fountain and wet food too.


Much too small

I had been using royal.canin dental which has quite large kibble and has worked really well in removing tartar for my 10 year old bsh. Unfortunately after using the search on zooplus this one came up and I mistakenly thought it was the same one. This won't work at all as she will just swallow them without the need to crunch..so have to pay out for the others as well.

07/31/19 | Laura Wolreich

Royal Canon Orsl

Very good product my 8 cats love it and keeps their teeth clean and healthy.


Very good

My rather old girly really needed something for her teeth - and these are great. But I made the mistake of re-ordering the 'Dental' variety last time. She found them way too big. So my advice is - be careful!

03/25/19 | Patricia Bartlett

My cats love this product!

I discovered these biscuits about a year ago and most of my cats love it - I recommend it!

03/24/19 | Nicole

Fussy cat loves it. No more dribbling.

I have tried other biscuit food but my cat refused to eat it after a week or so. About a year ago he started dribbling profusely, had terrible breath and obvious plaque. I saw the reviews for this food so thought I'd try it. It has been our saviour and no doubt saved us lots of money in vets bills. My fussy boy is still eating this with no fuss two months in and no signs of getting bored. He's stopped dribbling, his breath no longer smells and his teeth are much cleaner. Can't believe it.

02/19/17 | Sam

Basically ok

These are large cuboid cat biscuits, each one several times the overall size of typical food. Beyond this, there doesn't appear to be anything special about the food or the effect. It seems perfectly popular in terms of taste and I have nothing negative to say about this product. However, I'm not sure I have anything positive either. We have found using enzymatic toothpaste and attempting to brush once+ a week produces seemingly more effective results.

02/15/17 | nat harwood

zooplus is cheapest to get this brilliant dry food - my cats love it

My cats insist on this dry cat food over every other so I was very happy to see how much cheaper it is to buy through Zooplus

02/05/17 | Judi C.

Fantastic teeth cleaners!

All of my cats think these are treats & have a great time chewing away! Since using this none of them have had plaque build up on their teeth - which they did have before. Highly recommend this product.

02/05/17 | Peter Scrivener

Keeps plaque under control

Recommended to us by our vets when seeing some plaque buildup. Since switching 4 years ago, we've had no teeth issues for our 3 cats. They are also fussy eaters - they love this food.

04/14/16 | Allison S

Disappointed & not for greedy cats

Really disappointed with these due to the size. Assumed they would be larger sized biscuits to encourage chewing. They are no bigger than my usual RC Siamese food, which my cats swallow whole. Tested these out, and both cats are still gulping down, and no chewing. Pointless & a waste of money, as no good for gums or teeth. Not zoo plus's fault, as this company is brilliant, BUT I am going complain directly to RC :(


Cats love this product and it works!

We were recommended to swap to this product by our vet, due to increase in tartar buildup. Was sceptical at first as our 3 cats are fussy eaters and had taken a while for us to find a product they liked - wasn't keen to change. However we tried this and haven't looked back. Cats eat this as soon as served, and the texture has made a difference to the tartar. Highly recommended.

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