06/15/21 | Gordon Elrick

Excellent product, highly recommended

Since we put our eldest dog (Rottweiler bitch) on this due to having IBD she hardly ever has a flare up of her IBD been on it just over two years now , also as we now have two dogs the youngest is also on it as they “share” food as she too is thriving on it ! Brilliant product both dogs are very fit and healthy and solid !
10/15/19 | gordon smith


Superb product,but the idea to change to 10kg bags is complete madness by royal canin, a hefty price increase and less content is an insult to loyal royal canin dog food purchasers,i will never buy this product again at this price,sales will surely fall at royal canin with this stupidity in customer relations reduce the price, make larger bags and make profit on volume sales its not rocket science one unhappy customer
09/15/19 | Chris Roberts

Con the customer

We have used this product for several years on our Deerhounds. Really good food, BUT the bag size has been reduced from 15kg to 10kg and price not reduced accordingly. Very reluctantly we will not buy this again, its just too expensive. Very annoyed and disappointed that we pet owners are being screwed because producers know we are soft about our pets. Look for other manufacturers and avoid Royal Canin and perhaps they will get the message.
07/22/19 | Terry

Rocky loves it

This is great for my boxer who has a sensitive stomach, why the Change and whys the price stayed the same for a smaller bag
06/08/19 | Larry Dowsett

Jake loves it!!

Jake really does like it - but when did they reduce the bag weight to 10kg while the price stays the same??

Fussy dog loves it

My fussy dog loves this and his tummy is so much more settled. BUT - seriously irresponsible of Zooplus to send two 15kg bags in one box. Not good for your warehouse staff, delivery driver or me! Other suppliers send in separate parcels and I will henceforth buy elsewhere because of this.
02/14/17 | gordon smith

Superb product for dogs with tummy problems

Still using this product for over 3 years he has not been ill at any time, has put on weight to normal size and thrives on it healthy and fit dog marvelous product


Great product ,my dog developed a food allergy hives & gastric probs, he had been fine for 4 years on same food,changed and on this for 16 months no problems at all and loves it no sickness,hives gone and gastric problems fully recommend
04/27/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great food for our sensible little baby

We are very happy with this. Our Swiss Mountain Dog loves eating it, has no more problems with digesting his food, and his coat is really shiny.
02/05/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Finally we found the right food!

Our 4 year old guard dog Luggi is very sensitive, and we've tried loads of different dry foods - with Maxi Sensible we've finally hit the spot. He eats it all up with no problem and digests it very well!

Great food!

My German Shepherd is really picky with his food. It means I have to change what I give him quite often, otherwise he won't eat regularly. He likes this food a lot and I alternate it with the German Shepherd Breed food, which is also great. Then he also gets some wet food, but it has to be separate from the dry food or he won't go near it..... :-( He knows what he likes and what he doesn't! For wet food I use Yarra bio and that seems to be his favourite. Rocco is also good for him in terms of digestion. By switching these brands every so often I manage to get him to eat enough without any digestive problems. Thank you zooplus for the great variety and speedy delivery every time! Top service!
11/28/12 | Jayne

fussy eaters

I have the fussiest German pointer ever!! He will eat these, which is a miracle. He has a beautifull shiney coat that everyone comments on. Ive also got a 9 month old German Pointer who has them as he'd sooner have these than the puppy ones. Expensive but you get what you pay for

Husky Tummy

Any husky owner will tell you that there dog has a very highly sensitive stomach & your everyday food will effect them in some way or another. Since buying Royal Canin Maxi Sensible, our beloved husky has a much settled stomach, seems much happier, & bursting with life & energy
09/09/12 | Catherine

Good for sensitive stomachs

My rottweiler Darcy is nearly 12 and for the last year has suffered a lot with colitis. Changing her food to Royal Canin Maxi Sensible has stopped these bouts of colitis. Highly recommend for sensitive dogs.
06/01/10 | Janer

Great for a Sensitive Tummy

My boxer loves this food, I used to buy the vet royal canin but this is just fine.
02/07/09 | Jay Ward


My dog developed a sensitive stomach and even science diet wouldnt stay down without his medicine. this however, stays down without any medicine does the trick and he loves it. theres been no more throwing up and healthy motions. he's escaped an x-ray!

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