12/19/21 | Izabela


Im Happy and my dog Staffe Bullterrier with this produkt he loveit 😁 thank you

11/24/21 | Shannon

Golden retriever sick

Brought are 5 year old English cream retriever to emergency care they did an X-ray said she ate to much food and had bloat… I knew she didn’t get into anything because I’m with her always! They treated her and 2 days later she seemed ok. Last night gave her a denta stick and same thing happened so I put 2 and 2 together hmmmmm yes I gave her a denta stick last time this happened!! She’s kept us up all night licking and drooling and panting 😩😩 they are going in the garbage STAT!!

10/09/21 | lisa and derek minty

bad for pups

have given my puppy bad vomitting and explosive diarrhoea shes not a happy pup today


great product

my dog loves them her teeth look amazing.used them ever since she was a pup and no problem.but they have since changed there packing size you used to get 7 in a pack now only 4 and still the same price dont really understand why

07/04/21 | KelleeS


My picky dog hides other treats because he doesn't like them but he loved the dentastik. 6 hours after eating it yesterday he started with diarrhea then throwing up. Now he's scratching at his gums & they are swollen! What kind of company could make something that would make our loved ones so sick?!?! They should be recalled! It's insane what people will do to make a dollar. 😡

06/17/21 | marc

TERRIBLE makes my dog puke up & the runs.

every time i try these my dog is sick for HOURS & the bad runs. I would stay clear of these IF you love your dog... ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.

05/06/21 | Stel

Bad treat

My dog had terrible diarrhoea after eating one Denta Stix. I thought it would be a good choice for a treat but it made her very sick. Annoying because I bought a big box. Total waste of money

04/26/21 | Trevor Jones


Our boxer dog was extremely sick from the green Dentastix it was definitely the product it was easily seen in the vomit . Our dog is not given anything but regular dry non allergy dog food too. I had bought these dentastix in bulk and have thrown them all away. Horrendous . Do not give to your dogs.

03/26/21 | Richard n


Searching the web to see if my experience of Pedigree Dentistix was unique, but clearly not. Two sticks, two bouts of very loose stools and the dog threw up the first time. Two star because it might be our new rescue dog is a bit sensative but a note to others who find the same and want to isolate the problem.

12/17/20 | Skippy

Should be taken off the market!

If you love your Dog, I'm sure like myself you do! :) Please do not play Russian Roulette with his or her wellbeing. Whilst some dogs appear to be ok with these pointless denture sticks, there are allot of Dogs however who have a very adverse and serious reaction to them! My Jack Russell, after consuming just half a stick spent 12 hours vomiting. It would appear that many other Dog owners have experienced the same issue. Don't take my word for it, check out various forums and reviews.

12/16/20 | Mark S.

Very sick Dog!

Like some other reviewers have experienced, our dog also was extremely sick. I gave her just half a (small dog) stick, this resulted in her vomiting over a 12 hour period. she became very dehydrated and weak. Even now, some days after, she still isn't eating or drinking properly. These things should be withdrawn from sale immediately, some dogs are obviously, severely reacting to them.



Incredibly good!


Made my dog very very sick!!

Bought dentastix the other day as a treat for the dogs. After just one day, they had very bad diarrhea, vomiting, lethargic and not eating at all! We had to take them to the vet! Will not buy ever again!

06/08/20 | Barry Evans


One of my dogs has been quite poorly on pedigree stix as if he has eaten something that has not agreed with him. He started scratching and lying about and looking sorry for himself. I took him off the stix and he started to liven up and stopped scratching. My other dog just swallowed it whole and nearly choked on it. So no thankx I will not be buying them anymore. A good marrow bone is better and healthier no additives etc;

06/05/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Fab product

What can I say - my dog really likes these so I'd better get some more :-)

05/14/20 | originally published in zooplus.es

Very Good

They love them


Twisted Stomach

Our dog almost died due to eating dentastix. At the time, we hadn’t known that dentastix had changed their recipe, resulting in a harder and less easy to digest stick. The stick ended up caught in our dogs intestinal track (vet confirmed it was a dentastix) causing a blockage that resulted in a twisted stomach. To those who are unaware, a twisted stomach can prove quickly fatal if left untreated. Thankfully, she was lucky. Don’t buy dentastix if you care about your dog’s health.

04/17/20 | Clare Gault

New recipe SICK DOG!!!!!

I had a Beagle for 10 years and every day had a dental chew for bed.... she loved them! So when I got Duggie the Beagle I carried on . I noticed you changed the recipe of the chews but carried on cause he loved them... he has been having the new ones for 2 week and for the past 3 days he has been sick wanting to be on his own and he is very affectionate normally... he has diarrhoea and really smells. This morning he has been sick and it contains blood ...soooo angry as he is my world!!😡😡😡

04/16/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr


My dog's favourite treats. He will soon be 2 years old and no sign yet of any dental tartar. Great value for money!

04/10/20 | originally published in zooplus.es

My dog loves them

Great product, I give one to my dog almost every day and she really enjoys it. It is the perfect size for the weight of my dog and it is good entertainment and fun at the same time. Recommend.

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