08/26/21 | SamanthaJH

My fussy cats like this most of the time!

I am happy with the ingredients (& ethics) of this food, & my cats - who can be somewhat fussy at times - generally eat it with relish. They DO go off brands from time to time, but have always 'come back' to Lilys & it's one of 3 or 4 good brands I buy for them all the time, with breaks when they're being awkward!

08/16/21 | Porsha

Big hit

She cleared her plate, smells nice, looks nice, full of goodness and it's healthy and at a fab price

12/23/17 | Sue king

Bootsie loves it

Our elderly diabetic cat loves all Lilly's kitchen and eats the whole tray.we have 3 other cats who also enjoy eating Lilly's Kitchen



My cat loves this stuff and it smells... ah-mazing! I wish they did different boxes with fish flavours or maybe one with just all the organic flavours. Oh well, I'll repurchase again anyway.