11/04/21 | Denisa


My kitten won’t eat this and by the looks of it I’m not very surprised. It has a strong smell and doesn’t look very fresh.


Weird colour and cat doesn't like

My cat eats everything I've put in front of her and enjoys eating (cheap and expensive) and she very reluctantly ate this without any enjoyment. The poultry pie was the first time she refused to eat. She ate it eventually in 3 sessions while giving us dirty looks and snubbing us afterwards. Lily's Kitchen became a joke in our house. Compared to other brands for the same price this food is a bad buy as it looks dull grey and unappetising

09/22/17 | angel alexander

Not so good

My British short hair cats are not fussy but they did not like this so much

07/30/17 | Vicky Waring

Paws down from my cats :-(

Both my cats turned their cute little pink noses up at all of these and even after several hours only a bit of the juice had been licked. They didn't like the texture or the consistency as it's patê like.