04/20/16 | originally published in zooplus.es

Her favourite and eco friendly

One of our cats only eats wet food. She loves it. And it's grain free. Smells very nice. Will try other flavours to mix things up.

04/20/16 | originally published in zooplus.es

Very good!

My cat has some skin allergies, but since feeding him this we have had no problems whatsoever. He's going well, it's tasty, and he loves it!


Fish is always popular

The fish dinner is really popular, I ordered it a while back when you could get single tins. It's been well stocked in the cupboards ever since. Unfortunately I don't know what the other flavours are like and I'm reluctant to order as they come in such big quantities.

11/01/15 | originally published in zooplus.es

He loves it!

I started buying this for my little ones and it was a huge hit. Now my cat is a little bigger and I went for this particular flavour. It's been a massive success, having found the brand she likes I now have loads and loads of flavours to choose from so she doesn't get bored.

08/16/15 | originally published in zooplus.es

For gourmet cats

My 4 month old kitten is very fussy when it comes to food, she won't just eat anything. I've tried several different brands and this is by far her favourite. What a huge hit, and I will definitely be buying this again.

02/26/15 | Lucky


I have a much loved 15 year old cat who suffers with IBD which has unfortunatly turned into slow growing Stomach Lymphoma in his senior years. Battling with food over the years and living in a multi cat household, I always knew which poop was his in the litter ( sorry to be gross! ) however since giving him Lily's this has cured his problem!! perfectly formed not overy smelly stools. Too little to late for him now perhaps, I wish they had this years ago.....however I am pleased his last months will be spent eating the finest kitty food around!He loves all the flavours. Very gentle on his stomach, Smells good, He is always keen to "tuck in" to it and licks the bowl clean. Followed by lots of content grooming afterwards. I am one happy crazy kitty owner >^o^< The only downside is it can work out very very pricey. I wish there were better "bulk order" discounts offered.

04/01/14 | debs

clean cat dish !!!!

bought this as a single tray just on the off chance that my very fussy cat would eat it. Put it down and she could not get enough. I have since ordered a 16 tray supply and found a local supplier as well just in case.

02/08/14 | Becci Denny

My cats can't get enough of this!

I love Lily's Kitchen and luckily my cats do too. They meow to demand their food at dinner time and hoover it up in seconds flat. Each of my cats had quite course, bristly fur when I adopted them and thanks to a good diet (Lily's Kitchen, of course), their fur is now really glossy and silky to touch.