07/19/21 | Gloria Barrett

lillys litchen

I would advise people to be very careful of this product it made my dog so ill she needed to go to the vet having purchased 24 tins I was left with 19 tins of no use when I contacted Lilly's kitchen they were not interested in my complaint, I just wanted a refund of the 19 tins I had left please be careful my dog was very ill because of this product

10/28/17 | Rebecca harrison


For our dog who is coming up 12 and very recently diagnosed as terminally ill started to get fussy with his food which broke our hearts. But lily's kitchen is one of the only two brands he will continue to eat. They smell great and the ingredients are marvelous. We're hoping all this great food will keep him going a little longer.


Happy spaniel

A food our 11 year old spaniel can enjoy without any side effects. He enjoys feeding time again which is lovely to see after a long journey through health problems

02/11/17 | Fiona Worner

Sensitive Senior's Preferred Choice

Finally a wet food my nine year old dog can eat without any unwanted side effects. Dooley has a sensitive belly being allergic to grain, dairy and beef products. He wolfs this down and benefits from the natural healthy ingredients. I would thoroughly recommend as a first choice which I mix with his dried food.

08/28/16 | Contented Casper & Family

Simply the best

By far the best Senior Wet Dog Food we've found. I have a 13 year old German Shorthaired Pointer with very sensitive digestive system, we've tried a number of the very best, which are also very expensive, wet foods which we mix with dry kibble. It's made such a huge difference to Casper's life, and using poo bags much easier!!! He nudges us at 7 am & 5pm to let us know it's feeding time, he eats relatively slowly, always has, he empties the bowl and kicks it clean. Excellent value for money too