Shrinkflation :( But still worth it for now.

Excellent food, suits my dogs so well. I started feeding them these biscuits about 2 years ago and I hope I will never have to change back to a cheaper brand. Sadly I might not be able to afford them anymore if the shrinkflation gets worse. I note we have gone from 2x7kg to 12kg - and we haven't even left yet..


Jenson is very picky!

At last. I have found a food that our border collie/springer cross will eat without any wet food added. Expensive but well worth it as there is no waste. Strangely he is not too keen on the lamb

12/07/15 | aida gruodyte

My shih tzus love this food

I got two shih tzus one is fuss and other eats everything. This food is best their coat looks healthy, their health is good and they always excited when comes to feeding time. The only con about this food it is expensive but its worth every bit if you care about your dogs.Zooplus is the cheapest place to get lilys kitchen food especially with discount codes and bought big bags of food.

06/09/14 | Lesley

Quality food

My border collie is very picky but will eat this without needing a load of soft food added. She had skin problems on a cheaper food previously but none with this. Yes it's expensive, but you don't need to feed as much because it's high in good protein from fresh meat. It's totally grain free as well and as a big bonus you get much less coming out the other end! :-)

05/12/14 | vibeke midlander

good stuff!

My small dogkennel in Denmark is using this, and im very impressed by this product! Not much comming out and it smells great! Its very exspensive but using this with the breakfast crunch, good night snacks and the fish snacks the food will last for long time..i only use half of what i did before!

03/06/14 | Tim


One of my Border Collies suffered from itchy skin and anal gland problems due to soft stools. I had tried other 'high end' quality dry food but this is the best I've found. My Niece has a Jack Russell with skin issues, the vet said that the dog was allergic to meat. A change of diet made no difference so I recommended she try Lily's Kitchen. The results were amazing...No more itchy and smelly skin. Okay, it is expensive but in my opinion worth it.