Lovely food in a variety of different flavours

Our dogs love Lily's kitchen food and it is always reasonably priced and delivered quickly.

03/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very good food !

We came across Lily's kitchen over half a year ago and feed our dog all the different flavours. They love it! No digestive problems, regardless of flavour. And her fur has become soft and shiny. Shame they don't do bigger tins. Other than that, amazing!!

11/27/15 | originally published in zooplus.es

Excellent natural product

The tins are nice and full, none of this four pieces of meat in litres of sauce. Very good.

09/11/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Our dog loves it!

During the holidays our dog suddenly stopped eating his usual food, which he's never done before! What now?? We decided to buy Lily's Kitchen. He took to it almost immediately, and hasn't had any problems with it, neither fur nor poo related. In fact, his fur became softer and more shiny. We're going to keep buying it!

08/22/15 | Kathy & Monty

The best!

without doubt this is the best dog food ever! My goldendoodle was a bit of a fussy eater and has a delicate tummy; not any more. I'd highly recommend Lily's Kitchen.

07/27/15 | Louise

We love Lily!

Cannot fault Lily's Kitchen. Zooplus also do the cheapest price on the internet (and I've checked EVERYWHERE). It's one of the more expensive canned dog foods, but my dog loves it, he looks amazing, his poo is perfect, he rarely passes gas and I believe it contributes to his perfect dog status. It's absolutely worth it. I wouldn't feed my child plastic filler crap, so I won't feed my dog any less than the best. Your dog is what you feed him! If I wasn't a strict vegetarian, I would have a taste of Lily's Kitchen. It looks THAT good.


Wild Campfire Stew

We tried the Wild Campfire Stew and are almost as happy as our dog. 75% moisture is his favourite it seems. The smell is quite pleasant even. Our dog is mad for it, and seems to be full after each meal.


excellent wet food

This is an excellent high quality wet dog food, My Jack Russell is a fussy eater but she enjoys this. Her favorite is the Lamb Hotpot.

03/15/14 | Suzanne

Excellent dog food

Thank you to Lily's kitchen, at last a dog food I can trust for my lovely whippet Gemma. I highly recommend this food it is well worth the money.