08/03/16 | Ola

one of the best

My 17 years old Ciapa likes it very much (it smells good even for human). She suffers from stomach problems very often, but after this food all problems finished. Last time I bought lamb products for her from 5 different companies and Lily's Kitchen is definitely the best. I wil stick to this company and I am just ordering other flavours for Ciapa. Glad that I discovered it.

07/27/15 | Louise

We love Lily!

Cannot fault Lily's Kitchen. Zooplus also do the cheapest price on the internet (and I've checked EVERYWHERE). It's one of the more expensive canned dog foods, but my dog loves it, he looks amazing, his poo is perfect, he rarely passes gas and I believe it contributes to his perfect dog status. It's absolutely worth it. I wouldn't feed my child plastic filler crap, so I won't feed my dog any less than the best. Your dog is what you feed him! If I wasn't a strict vegetarian, I would have a taste of Lily's Kitchen. It looks THAT good.


excellent wet food

This is an excellent high quality wet dog food, My Jack Russell is a fussy eater but she enjoys this. Her favorite is the Lamb Hotpot.


Jaspers food

Our 3 yr old Shih tzu Jasper has been hand fed,since birth as his mother refused.We tried every thing as advised by vet as well.We tried lots of different food,but Lily's kitchen is the ONLY food other than water that he has actually eaten by himself.WE have 3 more Shih tzu's and they all eat everything they are given.

09/27/13 | Teresa

So good that I'e stocked up.

This lamb dinner is just as good as the chicken. My cockapoo has a very delicate digestive system but this food is excellent! She loves this food and there are no nasty side effects whatsoever!! I mix it with Burns dried (just as excellent) so that it goes a lot further. Well done.