05/17/21 | Mark Read

Best dry food by far

Been trying to switch my dog to dry food for some time with no luck. The organic variety was an instant winner. She absolutely loves it. Well worth the money


Great for Sensitive Tums

My working cocker spaniel has always had a sensitive stomach and lots of foods upset it, this doesn't! I wet it too and he loves it, tried a couple of other lilys but red meat seems too much for him. Not fussed about organic status but happy all natural ingredients as I know cheaper food full of all sorts! Expensive but worth it, gorgeous glossy coat and healthy, happy dog.


Great dry food

My dog is a little bit sensitive when it comes to food, due to her age, but this food is very easy on her. The organic ingredients make it a joy for both of us, and we won't be going without in the future.


Jenson is very picky!

At last. I have found a food that our border collie/springer cross will eat without any wet food added. Expensive but well worth it as there is no waste. Strangely he is not too keen on the lamb

12/07/15 | aida gruodyte

My shih tzus love this food

I got two shih tzus one is fuss and other eats everything. This food is best their coat looks healthy, their health is good and they always excited when comes to feeding time. The only con about this food it is expensive but its worth every bit if you care about your dogs.Zooplus is the cheapest place to get lilys kitchen food especially with discount codes and bought big bags of food.

03/16/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Best dry food

My cross breed loves this food. She's fit and healthy and has a super soft shimmering coat. This food is just great, as the manufacturers really thought about it carefully and only use organic chicken and ingredients. It's important to me that my dog's food was happy before he eats it, because that makes the food high quality. I give him this with Hermanns wet food. Best dry food. Please keep this in your selection. Thank you :-)


expensive but worth every penny

After watching a recent programme about the rubbish they put in dog food we knew we had to ensure that the ingredients that our little girl was beimg feed was the best which it is with Lilly', have a look at the food ingredient comparison chart on her website to put your mind at rest.

05/27/14 | Abi

Great food

Very good food, organic, great clear ingredients. Dog loves it and her poos are great with this food. However shame about the price as could only afford it for a month as too expensive. Shame really