08/09/21 | Simone

Wide choice of food

Wide choice of food ,well balanced good on the stomach good healthy food dogs love it, can trust makers to put good ingredients in .
08/04/21 | Ines

Amazing dry food

I have used this food since my dog was diagnosed with allergies, it has kept him healthy with an amazing shiny coat.

Perfect for sensitive dog

My wee rescue doggy has a bit of a sensitive tum, stresses out alot which can be bad for her tum. However I thought I'd try a no grain diet and its helped tremendously she enjoys it........and mostly firm now YAY
02/07/21 | Ally Lewis

Too hard

My dog cannot eat this as just too hard for him; 10 year old cockerpoo.
06/16/20 | Jodie

Great for dogs with digestive issues

Have tried our Belgian Malinois x Rottweiler on so many different foods. None agreed with her and caused her some level of digestive upset. Trialled her on James Wellbeloved Grain Free and what a difference, can't recommend this product enough! She loves it and her tummy is so much better for it!
04/20/20 | Anna

So very happy on my first order

I have a dog with IBD and this is the only food we have found that she can eat. It helps to keep her weight and reduces IBD flare ups. My brother recommended zoo plus after struggling to find this food for her. Not only did zooplus have some, it was competitively priced and arrived very quickly. In the current climate I did not expected this. I am super happy that Lily has food and has eliminated any possible stress for Lily and us. Thank you zooplus, very impressed!

Too hard

The kibbles are so hard and quite large that none of my dogs will eat them. I tried to break them with a rolling pin, and this was unsuccessful. I have to soak them in hot water to soften them before adding to their meal. I am sure there is a way of manufacturing grain free complete without turning it into the consistency of rocks.

My cocker spaniel with a very sensitive tummy

I have just changed to grain free as my spaniel has a very sensitive tummy and suffers with his annul glands. He has been so much better since I started to feed him grain free so far!

Happy rescue saluki with sensitive tummy

It took us months to sort out out Saluki girls sensitive tum! She passed horrendous smelling wind frequently & her stools were sloppy & enormous!. This food adult turkey grain free hae totally sorted the the problems out, very little wind & not smelly & firm in proportion stools. So impressed iv put my 2 spaniels on it too, they all eat it, nothing left! Happy dogs happy Mum👌
07/02/18 | Deb

Our Rescue Greyhound loves it

Put our greyhound on the grain free kibble. Suits his sensitive tum perfectly & he especially loves the turkey & veg flavour . Would highly recommend
05/29/18 | Jacqui

Great choice for our bouncy Boxer

We have had our 3 year old Boxer on this food for a year now, it is the only food he can eat that guarantee's a shiny coat and healthy numbers twos! He really enjoys it too. We have tried many sensitive tummy brands and this is the only one that gives such good results. I am happy as long as my boy is happy and healthy, this is definitely the best choice for him.

So hard it cut my dogs mouth

I bought this for both my Staffies to try as it is meant to be hypoallergenic however, one of my dogs are allergic to it and the food is so hard to eat, they take so long to eat it and I've noticed their mouth bleeding after they eat it. Will not be buying more!
10/15/17 | Maggie

Excellent for a husky's dodgy tummy

Our dog came with digestive issues after being in a situation of neglect.Struggled through puppyhood on Arden Grange grain-free but could not find anything in their range to suit an adult dog.We still have bouts of vomiting and very loose stools, but generally our dog's digestive system functions well. Strangely, the lamb and veg variety isn't as good for her and resulted in much floor cleaning!Eats well and love hidden pieces of roast chicken which we hide in the kibble.
05/19/17 | Lynn Martin

Perfect for delicate boxers

Our 2 boxers have been on this for a year now. No more upset tummies which depleted them of energy and made them ill. Shiny coats and hours of energy are now the norm. Very pleased and relieved!
05/17/17 | Fiona Smart

what a difference

We have a young Jack Russell terrier. He was nippy, over active and destructive. We tried him of this product as a last chance and we are so glad we did as he is now calm, loving and obedient. His glands no longer smell and his toilet is firm and fragrance free. Thank you James Well beloved
05/08/17 | A Hirst

Top buy for dogs with senstive stomachs/allergies

Both my dogs (Labrador & Boxer) have bright shiny coats after using this. The Boxer in particular had dry flaky skin, loose poos and smelly trumps before but now all complaints have gone with using this food. Highly recommend this product.
02/08/17 | Jill Higham

Excellent Food

My Springador Archie loves this food. I changed him to this grain free food as he was constantly nibbling his paws so thought he must have an allergy to something. Put him on this grain free and no more nibbling!!!! Excellent food. Archie loves it!!!!
02/06/17 | Becky

dog loves it

My Miniature Bull Terrier has a sensitive stomach and after trying a few different foods we settled on this as it keeps her poo regular and firm.
02/05/17 | Casey reid

Excellent product

Both my French bulldogs have allergies and after trying 10+ different brands and after been on this brand awhile we've been itchy and sore ears free for 4weeks


Good with his skin.

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