03/21/22 | David Palmer

Great food

Our lurcher loves this food , gobbles up twice a day

The best for my little one

Have used this product previously with satisfaction, my dog seems to enjoy it and their coats feel and look good, my Boots has a very glossy coat now.
08/09/21 | Rob J.

Dogs are happy

A nice sized dry kibble. The dogs seem to love its flavour. Fantastic shiny, glossy dog coats. Also makes the end product firm and easy to dispose of.


Nala loves this food, she will be on it now forever. Her coat doesn't malt as bad and being a Dalmatian she's no longer hyperactive
09/08/20 | Jan


My Border Lakeland terrior loves this, she has been eating James Wellbeloved for over 6 years. She likes all the flavours, but I think fish is her favourite. We have had far less skin problems since we changed to James Wellbeloved.
03/22/20 | Mark and Ava

James Wellbeloved Fish &Rice

Fed our previous Two Golden Retrievers on JW. Good results had fed them on other brands ie from the Breeders. Had to ween off. To high a protein content. New GR had from pup on JW fish&Rice. Getting good results well balanced 2 year old. Add a bit of wet food mix and a carrot. We are sticking with JW . Why change when it works.
01/15/20 | Caroline

James wellbeloved dried doggy food

Great value thankyou and my girl has a beautiful shiny coat

James wellbeloved food

As always, great offer. Excellent service. Very pleasant delivery person
08/10/17 | Amber & Leopold


Our Gsd's love their JW kibble most flavours but particular the Turkey & rice and Fish & rice . Neither too keen on the duck for some reason 😕 It's tolerated well by both dogs and they produce normal stools and have healthy skin coats and overall body condition. I do add the pouch food to both their kibble as a topper as one of my sheps needs more calories as his only 3 yrs old and very active and needs to gain a little extra weight due to he being in hyper drive all the time . They love the pouches too & both dogs do very well indeed on this food and my rspca rescue girl been on this now for the past 10 years since we took her home as it was recommended to us from the shelter and we have given it to her ever since . They have had some cold pressed kibble from MM & lukkulus which they have as a treat here n there but my male dog is not as keen as my girl so I tend to stick to the JW now with some wet added and it scores well with them paws down 🐾🐾 Good deals here on their JW supplies of goodies and most happy to date with service . So I highly recommend the above especially for sensitive dogs as ours are and they have been in very good health so far . Wooof🐶🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾
02/19/17 | angela lavell

great product

my pup is sensitive to alot of things food wise, this food has been great, its helped with her tear stains, given her coat a nice feel and she seems very happy with it, her favourite is the fish flavour , would highly recomend

great dog food

Have fed J W food to my dogs for many years and have always recommended it to other dog owners. My 5 yr old spaniel is both beautiful, healthy and loves this food. Tried and trusted.
02/05/17 | stephen pearce


wow great product our king Charles spaniel has allergies and need a hypo allergenic food this fits the bill contains all the elements required for a healthy diet I have tried other products and they all make her scratch but I will be sticking with james wellbeloved fish and rice
02/05/17 | Rachel

Excellent quality which they enjoy

I have two springer spaniels and an Italian greyhound which all eat the fish & rice variety. The food has given them a lovely smooth coat when compared to other flavours.
06/07/16 | Nicola McIntyre

Happy Go Lucky Greyhound :)

well what can I say Wow just wow my Grehound has a sensitive tummy at the best of times til my vet had told me to introduce her to James Wellbeloved as its the best food on the market and coming in at this price couldnt agree more u pay £55 in pets at home and here your saving yourself alot anywhoos lets get on with it ... I buy the 15kg of fish and rice it can be a bitty smelly but if my dog enjoys it then am happy thats all that matters as it contains omega 3 her coat is gleaming :)
06/08/14 | Mrs Cheryl Taylir

Ellie's favourite food

I always buy James beloved dog food, its the best for our Border Collie and the fish is her favourite, does not spend long in her bowl, its full of vitamins and goodness our dog needs for she is very active and has a lovely fur coat to keep. Order on Monday delivered Wednesday, brilliant service cannot fault. 😃

High quality

Definitely not the cheapest, but as the saying goes - you get what you pay for. Read the list of ingredients and you find it contains 'proper' food, so there's a good chance it will agree with your doggies tummy.

A firm favourite

My pooch loves this flavor! Always one of her favourites out of the James Wellbeloved menu. I have also been advised by several people (vets and dog trainers) that for the money, this is one of the best dog foods on the market.
09/06/12 | Marie Campsall

Best food for my dog

My dog loves this as well as lamb and rice, but this is her favourite. I have tried other foods but always come back to this.Zooplus is the best provider, their prices are always best and they have special offers too saving on post. Their delivery service is 1st class.
07/06/12 | Marie-Claire

Malamute says yum, yum!

When he was a puppy, he was on Royal Canin meat flavour. This after awhile upset his stomach, so we decided after seeing the vets to try Wafcol fish food. That still didn't agree with him as it was a strong smelling food - salmon! We have now changed again to the fish and rice flavour and he absolutely loves it. We definately don't see a change in the future therefore we will be buying lots more of these bags.

Sensitive Weimaraner

I have a 3 yr old Weimaraner bitch who shows food intolerance with itchy feet/ears/anal glands, a common problem in the breed. Despite feeding a good, meat based dog food, the problems continued. I tried JW lamb & Rice which did not work, she lost some condition on Duck and Rice, but the Fish and rice has worked a treat, this review being posted 8 months after commencing the food. All her problems have disappeared,she is fit and healthy with a good colour & shiny coat, clean teeth, & eats the food with relish. I would highly recommend trying this food. Buying from zooplus was easy, the food arrived very quickly and the delivery driver was most helpful in placing the bag where I wanted it.

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